V4L Challenge 7

If you are going to be obessessed then an obsession with puppies is aok, works for me!

Light Motifs II

10 Different Ways

[The above is a quote from Marshall McLuhan. The following is fiction.]

1. I love… knowing you are the one.

2. I love… watching you from afar, sending you notes, following your car.

3. I love… destroying my rival and making her believe you don’t want her any longer.

4. I love… setting everything on fire so you will scream my name in the flames.

5. I love… that you pretend not to know me; yes, it’s safer that way.

6. I love… my public defender… he really understands everything I have gone through.

7. I love… this jury of my peers… I feel the compassion in their souls.

8. I love… my prison assignment… it’s nice and warm in the laundry.

9. I love… my parole officer… she’s my very best friend.

10. I love… my darling new little puppy… I don’t know why…

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