The Darker Days 2011


The Darker Days 2011

Be thankful that l at least write upon on the wall,
Better to have something than nothing at all,
Penning my thoughts down upon the lines,
Offers me a peace from writing in rhymes,

I know some of you are in a strange misery,
Whilst others, are so confused and angry,
To be honest l am none too sure why?
For its down to me whether l live or die!

But l will have to reiterate again l feel,
Sure l am down, but l will heal,
Its just that l am on the path of ‘quest‘,
Searching again to see what is best,

To move forwards with my ’Oh so great’ life,
Making sure l seek no more trouble or strife,
So panic not , l assure you all l am fine,
Just it’s going to take me a little more time,

To get back on the grid of being bubbly,
And again to see life as joyous and lovely!
Crikey be thankful, that this is just a little ode,
And not some black verse written in suicidal mode!!

Read this y’all in good humour and jest,
For tomorrows’ rhyme, will be my blackest best!

© Rory Matier 2011


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