Dear Blog … 20.09 – 09/02/19


Finding Nemo,

Weekly Roundup’ish!

I have a thing about dogs, as in l like them as a species – sounds so harsh to write it like that – let’s try again! I love dogs, they are the best furred companions you can have in your life! In many respects l do have an affinity with them – is that the right turn of words? Well l don’t know, but what l am trying to say is that of all the animals l have worked with over the years domestic, exotic and agricultural – l love dogs. I mean l have had dogs in my life properly since the days of my marriage. I say properly because my Father detested dogs and so when young l wasn’t allowed a dog, l had a cat though, and don’t get me wrong – l also happen to love cats, but they are remarkably independent creatures who don’t really appreciate we mere humans in their lives until they need feeding.

But then, l have also had a host of other animals in my life and if l had to say which were best for companionship it would be dogs, meerkats, porcupines and coatimundis and … cats, and oh l agree with Ashley of Mental Health @ Home – Guinea Pigs – they know how to appreciate companionship also, and strangely enough l used to have a Brush Tailed Porcupine called Hector who used to live with a big brutish male guinea pig and they were the best of mates to each other and to me! [I will write about them one day, l might even have some photos!]

But why am l even writing about this? Because l can, and l am.


I have made a few big decisions this week to improve my lifestyle – of course the damn shoulder buggers me around quite a bit and hinders some of that progress, but hopefully and relying heavily upon my optimism, once, yes once – ONCE my shoulder is repaired and that should go swimmingly and once l start to rebuild my right arm [we have the technology] then l can start to resume my life again, that’ll be nice.

But 2019 promises to be an eventful year. Once the inheritance comes through l can start to relax again, and not have to be continuously worried about the financial side to life, and all going well by around October of this year if not earlier that should be settled.

Should be.



I have been using a desktop pc since forever, well since 2000, and this week l have decided to opt for a quality laptop as my main engine, l will still have all the trimmings of dual screens , keyboard and mouse on my desk here, but l just don’t need a brute of a tower overlooking everything l am doing, and it will not be so much of a dust magnet as this one is. So that is something l am looking forwards to later on in the year. It’ll also mean as many lappy users know already, that l can unplug it and take it anywhere with me, and that too will be nice.

I had this custom tower job built for me in 2015 so that l could be a more efficient gamer, but as much as l like gaming, l just don’t game as much as l used to. World of Warcraft and l have been a couple since 2004, and whilst l pay £10 pcm to play it and sure l log in daily for an hour or so, l am simply not playing the game as much as l used to, so l can also see that by the time l get my new lappy, l will no longer be playing WoW. To non gamers, that will not mean much – but to someone who understands what that 14 years worth of relationship means and finally saying goodbye, that’s actually a huge statement to make. I simply will not return. it’s not even a case of me outgrowing the game, it’s just an acceptance that the game has undergrown me.

I’ll still have my PC games like F4 and Witcher 3 and others and l’ll be happy, l just don’t need the WoW interaction anymore, as l find l get more of a kick out of WP and the real life interactions there or rather, here. It’ll also save me a tenner every month, which l am merely spending out of dumb loyalty, so l will be slowly winding that down, and spend even more time writing, but more l have decided to open up an online business, no not tee shirts! So, will be super keen to have fun with that rather than chasing dragons!


Yesterday l decided to quit smoking for good. The stress that crept on board in 2017 is no longer a threat, well not as big as it was, and so l no longer need this crutch, l just need to break the habit. I didn’t replenish my 50g tobacco today, l bought myself 20 customs to fill the gap between now and Monday and made the decision to vape till l give up, which l am setting myself of the target of August this year, and work dilligently to being packed up by a month before that. I have seen a vape model that looks promising, and so for £20 which is just over one pouch of tobacco l can get myself the kit, and then an extra tenner sees me in liquid. But this time, l am quitting for good. I will never get my lungs back, but my coughing will not turn into a coffin either! Suze will still have a partner, and we can enjoy our end days together instead of  me being reduced to ash.


I have some big plans for my blog this year and l am looking forwards to preparing for those, but also, l want to seriously start writing Scrappy’s autobiography this year as well as return to my fiction writing, which l have been putting off for some time. I can still do all of these things, but these were positive decisions l have made, and somehow l don’t think these are the only ones, l think these are amongst the first of many.


Now back to Finding Nemo …

Suze and l went out for lunch today to a lovely pub in a little village called Westbere, called the Yew Tree Inn, where we met up with Suze’s cousin and her partner, you’ll have heard me mention them before, a couple in their later sixties, but quirky as cake and great fun! They were the couple who rescued the dog in Greece, and well after an incredibly delicious lunch, with the most amazing food we went back to theirs for a coffee and to finally meet Nemo!

The moment l stepped into their house, l bore witness to the carnage that Nemo had performed during their absence. He isn’t the only dog, they have a lovely 7 year old female Red Setter called Folly who is also crazy as, and a much older 16 year old dog called Oscar and then there is the 22 month old Nemo, an ex street dog from Greece! Well for a couple in their later 60’s, hats off and kudos to them, for taking on this lil’ devil! He is a handful to say the least! But as an ex street dog whom has never known the comforts of a house, or companionship affections, he and they and the other two dogs are doing … relatively well!

He is a handsome dog of white body and black head, Pointer heinz 57, with a staffy head and about the same height to Scrappy, but leaner full of energy and bounce, and is incredibbly affectionate. Like l said l have this affinity with the K9 species, and it was whilst l was finding Nemo that he and l bonded in the classical sense. How? Well the lovely shite upon seeing me exercised both his dominance and excitement all at once and promptly cocked his leg whilst wagging his tail and urinated on my right boot and up my jeaned leg!!

Did l find Nemo or did he find me?

Got to love dogs eh?

Dear Blog ……

14 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 20.09 – 09/02/19

  1. Well, it seems you belong to Nemo, now!

    And the smoking? I became a non-smoker quite a few years ago now, and the body does heal faster without that poison – but I still miss it. Good luck, and maintain the ‘tude of ‘can do’.

    1. Hey Cage, absolutely, Nemo and l got on like a house on fire, which is a good job seeing as he has his own firetruch service 🙂

      Yes, am determined to steer clear now, it’s really breaking the H2m routine 🙂 When l gave up before l was thrilled and very upset l began again, but l have been there once before, know what to expect and will beat it this time 🙂

  2. Ooh, You will love having a laptop!! It’s so nice when the weather is lovely outside, and I can bring it outdoors and catch some rays of the sun.
    Plus, vaping is so much healthier than real smoking. I quit smoking three years ago. If you are looking at getting a vapor modular, I highly recommend anything by SMOK. I just recently got a new mod back in September, and I love it.

    1. Hey Beckie, we will certainly find out about the lappy – l have always had a serious problem with the curving of the screens, and as for vaping, l used to have a model but it was always leaking, but will have a dekko at SMOK 🙂

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