V4L Challenge 4

Paula entices us to swoon with her forgive my pun here, but powerful entry this morning between Jamie and Violet! V4L 2019 Ch 4!

Brilliant stuff, read on for Violet’s sticky ….

Light Motifs II

The Secret Castle Meeting

[Game of Thrones fanfic]

Violet waited in the cove until well past midnight when everyone was asleep in the castle. She silently crept through the secret passageways that only a few knew about, but her father had been a workman in the dungeons, and he had shown her. A moan came from one of the cells, and Violet shivered under her thick cloak. Of course there would be prisoners; there were always prisoners on King’s Landing.

As her eyes adjusted to the pitch black, a faint light glowed ahead, near one of the largest dragon skeletons. Violet’s heart raced, as she realized her beloved had indeed kept his word. She rushed up to meet him, so excited to see his beautiful face aglow in the candlelight.

“Jaime,” Violet whispered. “You’re here!”

“Of course I am, my darling.” Jaime placed the candle in the dragon’s wide…

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