The Friday Four


The Friday Four

Now interestingly enough Suze and l were having a discussion last night after she declared she had entered us in the lottery and the prize was £123,000,000! Good grief! One hundred and twenty-three million pounds! That’s an obscene amount of money! We already declared currently we don’t need 123 million quid, but a million would be nice! Which let’s be honest, 1million would be nice for anyone, l should imagine?

What we then did was talked about what we might do if we had won £123M – l know people like to dream, but l think l am too much of a pragmatist to speculate on what isn’t actually within my grasp or in the very least in my bank. But of course it made for some very interesting possibilities, so, today, our 4 will be on this subject. Convert to your countries currency for ease.

1] How would you react if you were the winner of this sum … would it change you personally?

2] Do you think you have a healthy relationship with money?

3] What would you do with this kind of financial freedom in your life?

4] How do you think this kind of financial presence would impact upon your life with your family and friends, work colleagues and neighbours?


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