The Friday Four 9 — 2/8/19

So Li wins $123 million and these are a few of her ideas!
What would yours be?

Tao Talk

Rory, akaA Guy Called Bloke, asks these 4 monetary-type questions, regarding what we might do if we had won £123M :

1] How would you react if you were the winner of this sum … would it change you personally?

Yes, it would change me personally!  No more worrying about staying warm in the wintertime for one.  Being able to travel to places I’ve only dreamed of for so long would allow me to be influenced by other cultures, which would expand my consciousness.

2] Do you think you have a healthy relationship with money?

Probably not.  As long as I can pay my bills, it is healthy enough.

3] What would you do with this kind of financial freedom in your life?

Travel.  Solar power installation on the house, probably the solar roof shingles.  Set up trust funds for my kids.  Contribute towards comprehensive services for vulnerable…

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