Oh No Way, Oh So Way


Oh No Way, Oh So Way!

All you need do to the questions below are answer Oh No Way for ‘No, l have never’ or Oh So Way for Yes, l have!’  Therefore your answers to the questions below can only swing two ways ‘yes or no’ or Oh So Way or Oh No Way’.

You need only answer in the comments section below or It’s up to you if you go further or treat this as a prompt for a post .. . if however you choose to answer in the comments section – then here are the questions ..

Questions – well’ish ish!

Worn my night time bed wear out to the shops

Blamed my farting on another

Laughed at something that whoops wasn’t a joke

Cheated at Monopoly

Peed in the bath

Accidentally sharted whilst laughing

Arrived at a party wearing fancy dress on formal night

Had a seriously bad haircut l had to wear a cap for 9 weeks

Broken a chair just by sitting on it

Scream out aloud like a wussy when something jumped out of a dark corner

Look at myself in the mirror and thought ‘Shit really/’

Stepped barefoot on dog poop

Taste sampled my own earwax

Worn underwear for more than a week

Visited a strip joint

Watched pimple popping YouTube videos

Used a public toilet that had no toilet paper and ‘improvised’

14 thoughts on “Oh No Way, Oh So Way

  1. I’ve only done one of these: improvised the TP. And that’s easy cuz I always have a pack of tissues in my purse. Sorry for being so boring!

  2. I did it! Another post spurred on by your questions… LOL. I didn’t get it done til after midnight, but I did it. Let me know if it got lost in your spam & I’ll send the link over again

    1. Marvelous, yes please do Grandma, it’s not just spam, l have noticed things not arriving as ping backs or even in my pending. I have checked all my settings and they are all ok, perhaps it’s something to do with WP 🙂

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