Emotional Damage



Emotional Damage


Just awoken from a hideous dream!!
Those ‘orrible nightmares, know what l mean?
It was like a roller coaster ride through hell,
Complete with devils’ bells clanging their knell!

Good grief!

Perhaps l ought to go back to bed,
Anything, just to clear the din within my throbbing head!
This series of visions took me through carnage!
Rode me like a bull, and we wreaked rampage!

Imagine if you can, being journeyed into the brain,
All those negative emotions at once, it’s insane!
Well over a hundred, all motorising within our minds!
If we experienced them all at once would we go blind?

Oh boy, oh boy it was a dreadful night terror indeed,
Like a mind detoxifying , was it something l needed?
I cannot help but feel, as l look out onto the dawn,
That l have been played , my soul the pawn!

But awake, l have to be honest and ponder,
What was the point of this dream l wonder?

Emotionally, should we always be so complacent?
Reluctant to express ourselves, always so reticent!
Would it be so terrible to at times have an outburst?
Surprise and shock everyone, to the point of being cursed!

Is it wrong to be honest, with those who offend?
Be they enemies or so called friends?
Should we not say upon them the truth?
And risk them thinking us appallingly uncouth?

If one wanted to be forcefully negative as an example,
We could display quite a few as samples!
Expressing our anger, annoyance and our disgust,
Not forgetting contempt, irritation, scorn as absolute musts!

And should we desire to become negatively out of control!
Well we could always enter the darkest of black holes!
Throwing into the equation agitation, resentment and hostility!
Spite, fury, outrage, hate, wrath, bitterness and of course ferocity!

We have all been to some of these places of dread,
Whether this be vocally or within our head,
It’s not uncommon to become emotionally drained,
The cruel world in which we live, hard it is to be restrained!

Who has not today had some negative thoughts?
And not become entangled and overwrought?
We can doubt, become envious and frustrated!
Show our guilt and shame, and become quite berated,

Displaying our anxiety, embarrassment and fears,
Helpless, powerless and worried about others’ sneers!
It’s unavoidable, sadly it has to be said,
Psychologically all these feelings dwell in our head!

As to how often you let them all slip or leak out,
That comes down to the complexity that you’re all about!
For me, well l wear all of mine upon my sleeve!
And still laugh heartily at those that misconceive!

Alas l think it’s safer to say,
That it easier by far to be nice to people anyway,
And to yes, keep certain emotions in check,
But if needs arise, then sure let rip, bedeck!

And unlike me, don’t eat blue cheese before bed,
Otherwise you too will have these nightmares in your head!
So to avoid such unnecessary mind carnage,
Lead a pleasant life, and don’t become bothered by your emotional damage!

© Rory Matier 2011

19 thoughts on “Emotional Damage

  1. Don’t you just hate those dreams Rory? I sure hope my power of suggestion isn’t running away with me tonight.
    Actually, I enjoyed the read. Great imagination whether awake or asleep.

    1. Hey Kentucky, glad you enjoyed the read – yes, sometimes the dreams work for us and other times … not.

      Currently working on a new piece regarding the nightmare side of dreams 🙂

  2. Very wise to avoid blue cheese and all other stuff that can give you indigestion and hence nightmares. But also suppressing emotions, fears and thoughts can leave us in a state where the only outlet left to our brain are the nightmares.

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