V4L Challenge 3

V4L 2019 Challenge 3 – Ah the joys of love ……..mm 🙂

Light Motifs II

Previously Written Valentine’s Poem


Your candy was rotten,

The lingerie cheap;

So I threw it away

While you were asleep.

I shredded your letters,

Then mashed down the strips

In giant green trash bags

With cabbage and chips.

I burned the old photos

And videotapes–

The smoke was so nasty

It ruined our drapes.

I went to the pawnshop,

Got cash for my ring,

Met your brother outside,

And we had a fling.

I dented your pickup

And smoked all the pot,

Then emailed your boss

And called her a twat.

The kids are all hungry

And yelling for “Dad,”

Now take us to dinner–

I hope you’re not mad.

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