V4L Challenge 2

V4L 2019 Challenge 2 – Paula takes up the gauntlet of creating a funny dating profile and does brilliantly with it!

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Light Motifs II

My Funny Valentine Dating Profile

Cranky cat lady seeks sexy male muse. Hopefully you will inspire me to finish my romance novels in progress… I need to do much more “research.” If you like to give massages but not pester me for one in return, that would be great. I love romantic walks on the beach, but only when they aren’t crowded with people, so does 6am work for you? Must love cats obviously and also my cooking, of which there is none. I’m a wonderful catch, according to my parents (RIP), and will give you plenty of space. In fact, I prefer lots of space in our relationship, so if you’re long-distance, including from another planet, don’t hesitate to contact me for lots of pointless, meaningless chat. I’ll send fake pics ASAP and please do the same. xoxo 💋

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