V4L Challenge 1

Paula’s kicked off the Valentine’s challenge with number 1 this afternoon. She opted for the tale of Cupid and the Valentine’s Card 🙂

Light Motifs II

The Cherub’s Valentine’s Card

Cupid had been promoted to Project Manager this year and he took his new duties very seriously. He had reorganized the flowcharts and onboarded a new crew of arrowers for optimal solutioning. His Operations Director was so impressed that Cupid received a bonus on Valentine’s Day.

“Go out and have some fun with your new girlfriend,” the Director said. “I know you haven’t been able to spend much time together since your promotion.”

Oh no! Cupid had completely forgotten about his girlfriend. He thanked his boss for the bonus and rushed out of the office to the jewelry store, hoping to find a last-minute gift. But it was closed.

“Flowers!” Cupid said. He ran down the street to the florist.

“Roses?” The florist laughed. “Sorry, buddy. It’s Valentine’s Day. You have to order those in advance. How about a nice fern?”

Cupid didn’t want to give…

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