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In your opinion … what do you think makes for an all round blogger?

Now l shall clarify this … l do not specifically mean an all round blog as in blog experience or the the stucture and content of another person’s blog site, but if you are able to incorporate those into your answer, that would be superb. What l do mean is, what attributes or criteria do you think an all rounder and balanced blogger should possess?

We all know sports orientated folk who are not just fixated on say track or running, but they might be pretty good at baseball, hockey, cricket, football and archery and we would refer to them as a good all rounder.

When the term is applied to people it usually contains lists of things like reading a newspaper, multitasking, commuting to work, socialising,  listening and learning, maybe taking part in classes or outdoor activities and the list goes on, living the balanced life.

But when we look at blogging and writing and being a blogger, what do you think would qualify as an all rounder blogger, a balanced blogger?

I am not talking here, balancing blogging with real life, l am talking blogging and the blogging community. I am not particularly or just referring to qualitable writers or prolific writers, celebrity or overly popular blogs and others of that kin – no, l am purely asking what your opinions might be with regards what you would class as a balanced blogger?

What would be in the skill set of that question in relationship to a writer or creator of a blog? As in their strengths? What you admire?

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  1. My first thought is simply to give an example… Sadje. Maybe it’s because I just read and commented on her post on Fandango’s provocative question… and he’s another one. These are two bloggers who post daily, or thereabouts, and are game to try various topics, so it’s fun to open one of their posts since you don’t know what to expect. A story? An opinion? Funny answers to a series of questions? Any of those. And they are reciprocal bloggers ~ they give as well as receive. That’s my opinion on what makes a blogger well-rounded. 🙂

    1. Btw, this is not a criticism of the OP. Reblogging a post is like 10 comments, lol. It’s worth a lot to do that, taking up time and space on the person’s on blog. I rarely do, though I am a frequent commenter.

    2. This is a great answer Paula, and exactly the criteria l was looking for and very specific to the question so thank you.

      Yes using your examples of Sadje and Fandango are two prime examples of the criteria the question seeks 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s a difficult one… Everyone brings their own expectations to reading/writing blogs. Well rounded to me would be being open to new experiences. I like the interaction between the writer and the readers. The writer puts something out, a story, an experience, a bunch of funny memes… whatever, and the readers have a reaction and, ideally, share their reaction in comments and a discussion occurs. Ideas, experiences, feelings…are shared, exchanged…

    I guess I want a blogger to think of their blog as a living thing that grows and changes as the blogger does. If that makes sense.

    1. Hey G’ma, brilliant, more criteria to the table and great attributes and strengths to add – does your living entity theory make sense? Well it certainly does to me, l look at the blog as an extension of parts of my personality and overall character very similiar to gaming, so yup perfectly good sense Batma 🙂

  3. “What you would class as a balanced blogger?”

    Variety as opposed to a narrow niche. A blogger who writes about topical stuff (i.e., what is going on the world), flash fiction posts, serious stuff, humorous stuff, responses to prompts, responses to Q&A posts. You know, like that Fandango guy.

    “What would be in the skill set of that question in relationship to a writer or creator of a blog?As in their strengths? What you admire?”

    I can be somewhat critical of bloggers who misuse grammar, punctuation, word usage, and who don’t know how to spell (or use spell checker), so that, to me is a necessary skill set. I also like bloggers who are articulate and can communicate effectively whatever ideas, concepts, or stories they are trying to tell. And creativity and imagination; the ability to use words to paint a vivid picture. And finally, since I can only devote so much time to reading posts, I tend to prefer shorter posts, rather than longer, rambling ones.

    So for those of you who are narrow niche bloggers who write long, rambling posts, spell poorly, and don’t use good grammar and punctuation, sorry about that.

  4. Hey! Guys I am flattered by those nice comments. To me a versatile blogger, an all rounder would be the one who can, and is blogging on a number of genres. Writing content which is deeply felt and genuine. Blogging regularly is also a requirement.

  5. Well I never used to read when people shared others posts slot but I have started doing the that here on yours aguycalledbloke and I have found some Good ones to follow! Thank you for sharing. That is part of well-rounded blogging and community I think.

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