Dear Blog … 08. 57– 07/02/19


One of those days,

I think it’s going to be one of those days.

I have had a headache for two days now, and l know why, it’s because my lovely computer isn’t so well, l don’t think it’s specifically dying – well if l suddenly disappear, it means it has died, or l have! But one of my drivers is out of whack.

For a person like me who has a serious problem with unregulated noise, listening to this damn thing flitting in and out of grr and grrrrr and at various levels of sound, the end result is a headache! I have had to start wearing my headset most of the day when the grr’s are at their loudest and then my hypersensitivity kicks in, because l can’t stand having anything on or in my ears!

This damn estate thing is all so stressing as well, next to waiting for a hospital appointment to get my shoulder repaired, and fighting to keep both pain and depression out of the office. I am managing to keep my anxiety levels down, but then this computer with its damn noise isn’t helping, then the headsets then the headache …. yada yada yada, you see the gist catch 22 of the situation!

Yesterday l created 27 challenges for today’s major competition which is running for 9 days 07/02 – 15/02 and l was a little bit surprised that some of my readership not only could see them, but interact with them despite the fact l had backdated them by a year. Can anyone please tell me how l can prevent this from happening?

Is it the backdated process itself? It’s because l am using a grid in the competition, but l don’t know how to forward date a post and get the link for that post to slot into the grid – so how does one do that with a post dated post?

I did it to make things easier for me, so l now formally appologise to my readership, if you found yourself inundated with 27 challenges yesterday!

On a side note, I am losing the battle with these spam comments, l am now on about 1400 a day, l delete during the course of the day perhaps 500 or 25 pages at 20 worth, but l cannot keep up with them! OCD is in full overdrive, stress to the hilt, because now all l can do is bulk edit, trash – so l might well be missing out on genuine comments, but l can’t avoid that. I do generally skim a page’s 20 comments but all l am seeing is casino, frigging cbd oil, shoes, hot girls and the like, so l think l am safe. But if l have all l can do is appologise to those who have some comments unnoticed, it is so not intentional from this blog!

The Valentine’s for Luvvies Competition kicks off today at 11.55am.

Dear Blog ……

14 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 08. 57– 07/02/19

  1. Oh dear! I hope you don’t have to go and pee in the garden on top of all that. Not good. Hope you can get your computer sorted out. I know about that kind of noise. It’s horrid!

      1. Lol. You can spend all day in there if you like ten. Get away from that damned nouse. Oh…..spots problem……you won’t get your. Blogging done. Bugger!

        1. Lol. I could bring my new drum and my Natuve American Indian flute round if you like. I have just been introduced to trance drumming. Lol. It didn’t work too well yesterday but we will see!

        2. Yeah, Suze did that for a while, chanting, drumming, each to their own, she tried the Shamanatic approach, personally l prefer the druidic approach to natural belief 🙂

          Good luck with that.

          Once it starts – here’s my advice – allow your inner mind to remain calm, shut out everything from your mind, everything, you need to neutralise your mind and allow your 7th plane to interact with your mind, as if you were astral planing. By doing this you are allowing visions to enter.

        3. Yep. Got ya. It didn’t help that I had to stay sat in the car lol. Ha ha. I am lunatic enough anyway! I do love drumming though!

  2. I have no solution to the backdated posts, but you can put the specific phrases in the not allowed content in the spam settings. That works.

    1. Yes, that’ll work, Suzi Tench has also come in with some excellent advice, that l simply didn’t know, like you have suggested here so thank you Sadje 🙂

  3. Regarding the post and back dating it to get a link…. have you tried publishing it and setting the audience to just you? If you publish it to just you on the day you write it you should be able to generate a link for it to use in the post. Once it’s all written, with links added you can then schedule it to go live whenever you want, just remember to change the audience setting to public! Xxx

    1. Oh awesome! Suzi, that is the stuff you can take to the grave 🙂

      No, l hadn’t thought of that, but now l have that little gem, cut, copied and pasted so, now l do have it – thank you so much 🙂

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