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Double Question Time

Do You Feel Guilty … if you don’t read a certain amount of blogs per day?

One of the biggest problems l have and l am not alone in this feeling is trying to reach a certain balance between writing my own posts and reading, commenting and liking other blogs. It’s a huge issue that we all talk about on a faitly regular basis. We don’t wish to come across as overly selfish, but we don’t wish to deprive ourselves of the ability to express ourselves through our own blog as well as live our lives.

In many respects it’s not an issue perhaps for bloggers who write occasionally and therefore spend more time reading other blogger’s works. But what of the prolific writers and yes l am one, but l know in my own readership of at least 20 that are prolific writers and posters alike.

I do feel guilty on a fairly regular basis that l cannot seemingly get around more blogs per day than my current number – which is between 3 – 5. As in deliberately going to blogger’s and specifically reading a certain amount of posts from the day itself to the previous 6, sometimes 7 pending the post size. I have a set order in which l travel to these blogs. Of course this is not saying l don’t read other posts during the day, l do, but l always strive to achieve my target of 3 Blogs and 6 posts each per day as standard.

In all on a good day l can achieve an average of visiting 4 blogs and reading a total of perhaps 20 assorted posts and of those sharing/reblogging perhaps 40%. That’s what l can do, and whilst it may come across as not very good at all on my behalf l am at least being honest with regards my limits of achieveability, l then try to counter balance things by encouraging interaction through my games, as well as doing my call outs in the morning. At times, the sense of guilt is quite overwhelming. But it’s the best l can do at this present time.

Yesterday whilst reading and answering the comments on How Often Do You – the question in the series for the day, l was in discussion with Fandango who had provided an absolutely superb answer for the question and one that is and was very specific to the reason behind this series in the first place being created. We were at that point discussing ‘post length, and he has written an excellent post on it titled TLNR – so please do check that out as well. On his post in the comments there is a mini discussion between himself and Marilyn Armstrong of Serendipity and she writes on post length …

“It’s not because longer is hard to read. It’s because we all have so MANY posts to read, a lot of the time I don’t read something longer because I just don’t have the time. I do my best, but between writing and photography — and having a life — I really don’t have any spare time at all.”

Quite significant a response l feel, it’s all about Time, and how many posts can you actually effectively read in any given day, and still have time to enjoy your own writing, your hobbies and your life?

So we come back to the first question itself … Do You Feel Guilty … if you don’t read a certain amount of blogs per day?   Do you have a target of what you would like to read per day in addition to your own writing and commitments? How do you pace yourself in so far as the balancing act?

Now the second question of today is this ... Do you like a blog post without actually reading the content, if so why?

Sometimes in my notifications l see bloggers who have liked anything between 7 – 15 posts at once – they haven’t read them, they have simply liked them, l am sure you have all seen this and experienced it. But why is this done? I cannot simply like a post if l haven’t read it – it seems wrong. I know Ursula of An Upturned Soul wrote about this at one point in the last couple of weeks about how it off balanced her statistics, and of course there is that, but my main question is why it is done? Is it a way of simply displaying support for the blog, or is it as Marilyn pointed out above down to a complete and utter lack of time available in reading the sheer quantity of posts available to you from your own readership?

Let me know your thoughts below – thanks


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  1. Not guilty, just pressured, that I haven’t caught up with the blogs I follow. I have enabled notifications for the blogs that I consider a must read and when I have written my posts, and read those, I open my reader and read other posts from the blogs I follow. I am sometimes guilty of liking a post without reading it all the way, but in my defense, I do it to tell the bloggers that I am thinking of them! 😉

  2. Hey, Rory 🙂

    I’m ‘Liking’ this post now without reading it properly because I’m working on a post right now inspired by your Blog Series – apologies in advance for all the pingbacks once I press publish. I’ll add this Q to it too.

    Ha! I was going to link to Fandango’s TL:NR post too!

    1. Just seen this Ursula – it didn’t even appear on my reader of notifications grr 🙂

      No problem, there is something l would like to discuss with you as well, but that can wait awhile 🙂

      1. The WordPress Automatticians (as they call themselves) have been tinkering with the notifications bar – they’ve added some shading to some notifications, not sure why. So of course it’s going to go all glitchy – just ride the wave, don’t worry about it.

        Let me know what it is you’d like to discuss when you’re ready to discuss it, we can do it at your place or mine 😉

        I’ve read your post properly now. I also answered your ‘guilt’ question in my latest post. To sum things up so you don’t have to read it because it’s a long one – I used to feel the guilts about not reading every post by every blogger I followed, but then I realised it was self-torture. So now I read the posts which catch my eye when I scroll through my reader.

        As to why people spam-like your posts – you do a lot of writing prompts and challenges, those people may be bookmarking them because they intend to participate.

        1. I am both a long content writer and a long content reader – like l am voracious in my reading, so you’ll not be seeing the insult of TLNR or TLDR from me and of course you are right, it’s an insult delivered by someone playing with spite for the day.

          Seen your post and loved, loved, loved it!

          Wuite pleased l made no typos lol! [did you see that Wuite? Just for you :)]

  3. I’ve always read blog posts based on the order they appear in my WordPress Reader feed. I used to feel guilty for skipping over a post by a blogger that I’m following, but I’ve gotten over that, because I spend an enormous amount of time reading as it is and just don’t have time for everyone.
    Sometimes I will like posts without fully reading them, but that’s typically because my concentration isn’t good enough to finish yet I still want to express that I’ve liked what I have managed to read.

  4. I totally feel guilty that I am unable to spend as much time reading blogs and posts and I do try but sometimes well life gets in the way. There is no way that I can like anything that I have not read. I mean click willy nilly and you might be liking something that is totally against your beliefs. Imagine caught out on that. I kinda get annoyed when I see that someone has liked 10 of my posts in a row all under a minute. I know you are not reading what I have written. My two cents worth for the day. 🙂

    1. Hey Jay-lyn, yes exactly – that is my worry, liking something that l wouldn’t normally perhaps like or disagree with and then having that quoted back to me if it was something controversial and ‘lol not’ went against something l did or didn’t stand for.

      And yes l also feel very guilty, but life and other stuff gets in the way at times, l think that we can only be as honest as we can with not just others but ourselves – thanks for stopping by and commenting and your 2c are pure gold 🙂

  5. Rory, I almost feel like WP is an addiction for me, as I spend an awful lot of time here almost every day. I’m addicted to reading — which takes place on or off of WP — and addicted to writing as well. The way it breaks down, I have certain prompts I make a best effort to participate in, there are certain bloggers I will read every single day (and catch up on on days I can’t read), and the rest of the time, I’m going down my feed list and reading as much as I can. Sometimes I will click like from the feed itself without actually reading, just to show support to bloggers I really like. Once in awhile I get tagged and will participate in other things, but I really don’t want to spend too much time on it, as it means something else will be missed. It’s a great big juggling act and sometimes it feels like a job, which is ok, as everyone needs a sense of purpose.

    1. I know what you mean Li. I have two screens here, one each set to a different engine, so l have my blog open on microsoft edge and my WP editor open in Mozilla Firefox and so l can keep abreast of things l am reading, but even l at times struggle to do everything l would like to do – it’s the perfect conundrum sadly 🙂

      Thanks for the input 🙂

  6. As I’ve said a million times, I use the app, which makes both reading and writing easier (for me). I just read a bunch of new posts before yours came up. My scheduled post was published in the night, but I haven’t written a new one yet. I generally do not “visit” people’s blogs and see their lovely layouts and fonts and such, but I do read my followers’ posts as they come up in my feed. WP is not perfect however and skips some, so I can’t help that. Now, I do read quickly and will skim a long post or outright skip some that don’t look interesting. If I don’t read it at all, I won’t like it because I was doing that for a while and had an oopsy. I liked something and discovered later it was about an idea I was very opposed to. So, I’ll never do that again!

    1. Hey Paula, thank you for the answers provided here – yes l was just discussing the ‘oopsies aspect’ with Jay-lyn. that would be my distinct fear of mass liking. something which l am totally against 🙂

      I am sorry, l wasn’t aware that you had said that a million times though ….. 🙂

  7. I also use the app since I’m doing everything from my phone, or occasionally a tablet. Maybe one day I’ll be able to have a laptop or desktop without fear of it being destroyed. Ha, maybe then I won’t have so many dang typos. Anyway, to your questions… (1)Yes, I feel guilt. That’s probably because I was raised to feel responsible/guilty for everything and not so much about not reading posts. I read way more than I write.(2) no way am I going to “like” a post unless I’ve read it. I think it’s dishonest. Just my opinion.

  8. I am very haphazard in what I do and not at all organised. In fact I am all over the place. Yes I do feel guilty very often because I feel that if someone has given time to reading my blog and even liking and commenting, and if they are following me I at least owe it to them to go to their Blogs. I have been known to take a day off because I have felt so guilty but not only guilty I have felt exhausted and actually not even wanting to come to my own blog. I do not have a system. Maybe it would be better if I did. But I do find that being blind it takes much more time than it would a sighted person to read like and comment on blogs or rather blog posts. Sometimes I admit that it gets me down, because I feel I owe it to people to go and read their blogs. I am very glad that you brought this question up because it has been uppermost in my mind just lately. For me personally my blog is very important for my health and well-being because it is really all that I have in my life now and it is my only way of having communication with other people. My illness and my disability often keeps me marooned in the house on my bed, and I find my blog often saves my life and my sanity. To be able to write poetry and put it out there it’s very precious to me. I do not want to jeopardise this and so I need to find a way through this dilemma. There are some wonderful bloggers out there and many of them have become wonderful friends and they are so supportive of me and I owe them a great deal. So if you are one of the people who may wonder why I am not visiting your block as often as possible here are my reasons. I hope that you can forgive me and I hope that I can in time find a way through this and reach some sense of equilibrium. Thank you Rory for posting this question because it has given me the opportunity to put my own position out there. Thanks Rory .

    1. Hey Lorraine,

      I think the truth is – that we all only do what we can all only do – it’s that simple.

      Your blog is a lifeline to your sanctuary, your sanity, your sociality, your contact, your communication, your humour but more importantly your blog is the open door to you.

      The first thing is this, we write for ourselves firstly and foremostly, when people visit, stay, read, like, comment and return then, is this not living testament to the fact that is what they wish to do?

      I do feel guilty much of the time, l write like it’s going out of fashion, l have a timetable of viewing others and comments and sometimes it gets broken.

      It gets broken because l am busy doing things – like most of today l have been tucked away in my blog, configuring the Valentines challenge for tomorrow and that has taken me hours and hours to think up new challenges, and back dating them. I will now write a post, and then l am going to be knackered, so far today l have only got to one other person’s blog, hopefully by tonight l will get to one more.

      We come back to this – we can only do, what we can only do – most bloggers are in the same boat Lorraine as you and l 🙂

      1. I am glad to hear you say that Rory. It was not a problem for me at first because I did not have many followers. However as I have gained more and more followers I have felt worse and worse about it. I guess being new to blogging puts you into this dilemma. You need eventually to sort it out in your own mind. I am so grateful that so many people come and read my stuff and that they take the time and effort to like and to comment. But I know now that I am going to have to try and organise myself more and just do as much as I can and not worry

        1. Yes, l think that is all we can do. When l first started this blog in 2017 and l only had a few bloggers following, l could keep up, but even back then l was concerned what would happen when l was no longer on 50 – 100 bloggers? What then?

          Then when l hit 300-500, l started to realise that l simply would not be able to keep track of them all.

          I was writing more at this time as well! EEk

          Then l hit 1000 and now l am on nearly 1500 and l am like, l can only what l can only do – l will try my best, l have a system to keep me organised, but at 1500 bloggers that’s a lot of reading to keep up with especially if you are like me and write practically all day every day.

          I don’t deny l am addicted, l am, but l have always been addicted to writing, so now l am in my element.

          I just do what l can and be as honest as l can 🙂

          1. Lol Rory. I too am adducted to writing, and can churn out decent poems at any hour of the day or night lol. Ask my hysband! I still only have just over 309 Followers but seem to be getting two or three more each day. Oh, and, stupudly,csimetines I find a Blig that Ij really really want to keep reading becayse it interests me so much, andbthen I go and firget the bloidy name of it lol. Oh well…..we plid on. I will say that though your pists are ling, I do read them right the way through. I would always do that. Though tbere are some Blogs where the Blogger writes very long stories , and I lose the plot lol. Great to chat about this Rory. Thanks for the interaction.

  9. “Do You Feel Guilty … if you don’t read a certain amount of blogs per day? Do you have a target of what you would like to read per day in addition to your own writing and commitments? How do you pace yourself in so far as the balancing act?”
    I don’t feel guilty as much as I feel bad because (1) I am probably missing some excellent blog and (2) when I follow a blogger, my intent is to read as many of that blogger’s post as I can. Unfortunately, because life gets in the way, I can’t always do that.

    “Do you like a blog post without actually reading the content, if so why?”
    Not, I don’t “like” a post I haven’t read, although I will admit that I will sometimes skim a post (particularly a longer post) to get the gist and will “like” it…if I really do like it. That said, I don’t “like” all posts of all bloggers I follow. In some cases the topic of the post might not interest me; in other cases, after reading the post, I may not actually like it, in which case I won’t “like” it. Does that make any sense?

  10. I think Marilyn sums us what many of us feel. I personally won’t like a post I haven’t read. Even when I’ve read a post, I won’t necessarily like the post either. I feel that bloggers deserve accurate stats of how many people truly like their work. Teresa @ The Haunted Wordsmith once wrote a post about writing what you enjoy and love despite the statistics. She’s well aware that your blog stats don’t always paint the full picture of what’s going on.

    There are times like Fandango where I would skim a post with walls of text to get the gist of it, and “like” and comment on an aspect of it because I enjoyed the content I skimmed, but I think some authors will get annoyed if you do that often.

    For instance, I think of the book, “Life of Pi”, where Pi Patel joins three different religions because he sees value in all of them. I chuckled when all three leaders of each of those denominations met with Pi’s mom in her home and told her that Pi can’t do that. I wonder if bloggers hope that you get to experience the full depth of their posts or if they are content if you read anything at all.

    There are times when bloggers have “liked bomb” my blog in a day which I consider that as a form of support though I’m well aware that they didn’t read all of my content. I do feel strange if they did that only because I liked something that they wrote and they felt obligated to “return” the favor when they may not like my work.

    Even though I read at a certain time of the day every day, I have no reading goals for reading blog posts because this is a leisurely activity for me. Sometimes, I will search for particular bloggers’ names in my email filter so that I can catch up on their posts days, weeks, or even months later after they wrote them. 😉 Or…if I’m curious about a particular topic one day, I’ll put that in my filter to see what pops up like a random roulette. I enjoy it a lot more as if I’m going for a scavenger hunt. No expectations, no guilt, just enjoying the pleasant surprises along the way.

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