Rust Theory — Little Fears

Brass Ep. 21 Copper reached down and clawed at the dirt around the metal lump. The soil around it was dark, both burned and stained with oil. 108 more words

via Rust Theory — Little Fears

Little Fears humour at its very best!


Plus one from me …

What does a rusty can of spray-on rust remover smell like?


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  1. I’m trying to figure out this WordPress blog thing again after being gone many years. I think you said a LIKE about whatever I wrote recently, so I wanted to say THANKS! …but not sure how this non-user-friendly thing works.
    Anyway, I want everyone on the planet to know my second book, THE SECOND DEGREE, is coming soon to, (or or Barnes& and that’s pretty exciting if anyone who read THE FIRST DEGREE has forgotten me.
    But everyone spells my name wrong, … don’t do that, LOL!
    Stay in touch.

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