How Often Do You …


Double Question Time

How often do you … post content to your blog?

Now, l might be excessive – l don’t deny this to be true, l post every day every day to my blog. Be this with original content as in written on the day itself, or shared content written by my community, reblogged content from what l have written before as in the poetry or the stories and tales, the challenge periods and or the games in the series.

I read when l first started blogging that l should aim to post in the bare minimum at least once a week. But there is no one post fits all answer for each and every one of us, l think it’s a case how often you think you can publish to your blog. Not everyone has an abundance of free time, they have careers and work, they have family and comittments and let’s not forget the other thing – they have a life and they live it.

I know some of my readership post frequently like l do, others post a few times a week, and others still as and when they can.

I know there are those of the view that say posting too often leads to burn out – well l can’t see that happening anytime in my near future, maybe because l cover a wide range of topics, and l still have so much more to write about. Maybe as l share and reblog so much content, as well as the games and challenges this allows me time to not burn out. Or maybe, because l am limited currently to how much long content l can actually write this has naturally slowed me down a tad … whoah l did say a tad.

But this question leads us to another questions as well …

What’s the ideal length for a blog post?

For me, well if you don’t know by now, where have you been, l can be somewhat verbose and long winded, l am trying my best to pull it in, but hell l struggle a bit with that.

Once more reading about all this before l started l was seeing the use of phrases like 300 – 500 words minimum, and of course as l have said already there are times when one post doesn’t fit everyone. My philosophy has always been ‘write it and they will either read it or they wont’, it’s a basic formula – but l am not specifically a topical writer promoting a product for sale, l am writing about my life most of the time, so it will be as it will be word wise.

I guess most of my long content posts are anywhere between 1000 – 2000 words, a lot l know and if your read my tales then you know that too! But l reckon if you can aim for around 900 – 1500 words you are probably onto a winner if you then average that to around 1200 words, and maybe include colour as in images, you have added value. But that’s just me, what about you?

So two questions:

How often do you … post content to your blog?

What’s the … ideal length for a blog post?

42 thoughts on “How Often Do You …

  1. When I started, I would post after 3-4 days. When I started writing on prompts, it became once a day. Now it’s like 4-6 post per day.
    And I don’t, usually go for long posts, unless it is an award post or some Q&A post. My preferable length of a post is between 200- 300 words, give or take a few.

  2. I used to post 3 to 4 times a day… but I got comments telling me it was too much to take from several readers. Regarding length, I don’t believe there is an ideal number of words… I just go with the inspiration. If I have a long story to tell, it can be quite lengthy, and then, I might have a quick thought to post, that won’t be so long to read… I don’t like to follow paterns 😛

    1. Hey Cyranny, thanks for the comments here – great input. Wow how did you feel when you were posting and people expressed their displeasure at your frequency, that had to be gutting?

      1. Well, the first time this happened, I didn’t really pay attention. I thought ”If you don’t like what I am doing, just follow other bloggers”… But when I got the same comment again, and from people closer to me, I have to admit that it hurt. Although I know that I have the last word about how often I post, it destabilized me a bit. Since, I re-thought what I should or shoudn’t blog about, and it had an impact on my blog-pacing.

        1. Yes, l can imagine – thanks for the honesty here 🙂

          It’s something that would have a negative impact on a lot of bloggers did you respond to these bloggers as in thanks for their comments or say anything in response?

          Also a side question, would you have dropped a comment like this on another blogger if you thought their posts were overly long? That’s not a dig or meant to read as derrogatory.

          I ask as l occasionally get emails from other bloggers who have an opinion on the way l blog and maintain what l do, so l am genuinely curious. It’s not something l would do, but everyone is different – my credo is each to their own, and wouldn’t go out of my way to deliberately upset another person.

          1. I had a few short chats with people who thought I should change things about my blogging ways. I always tried to keep in mind that they probably meant it to be constructive comments. But I am very sensitive and even if I thought I had every right to blog as I pleased, it stayed in the back of my mind that to make readers happier, maybe I should change my game a little.

            I am a very ”live and let live” kind of person. If I don’t like some posts, I just don’t ”like” them. I enjoy having an interesting conversation when I don’t agree on the topic, just to understand better the other person’s point of view. But I’d never leave a comment to tell a blogger they should stop doing this or that. If I find posts that I think are too long or unninteresting, I just leave. There are so many blogs to follow, if you don’t like what I do, just ”unfollow” me, you know? 🙂

          2. Oh l do know, the fact is that it’s insulting for someone to leave that on a person’s blog. I was reacting to something that Fandango received and shared the other day about the letters TLNR or as l am more familiar with it TLDR – too long didn’t read/not read’ which is an insult equally as much as those who say you post too often Your blog, your plan, your money, your time, your writing, your opinion your decisions to post long content, frequently and so on. If readers don’t like that, they have two choices put up or shut up, or even a third unfollow.

            Like you l try and be open minded, liberal thinking, and am always fascinated with learning new things – l would never leave a remark of either the one left on your blog or the one left on Fandango’s on another person’s blog, because not only is it insulting, but rude and can have a very negative effect on a person’s personality.

            Hell l post frequently, and am a prolific writer and short content isn’t my forte.

            But l pay for my plan.

            Thank you for your responses here Cyranny 🙂

  3. I post once a day, with the odd exception here and there. WordPress says my average post length is 598. Occasionally I’ll go up to 1200 or so, but since I have a hard time concentrating to read long posts, I tend to stay away from writing them as well.

    I think everyone should blog the way they want to blog. Other people will read or not read as they see fit. I’ll admit I have occasionally unfollowed people before because they were posting so ultra-frequently it felt like they were hijacking my WordPress Reader feed, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep on doing what they’re doing if it works for them.

    1. Hey Ashley – marvelous input added here, my thanks .. l just looked at my stats and WP informs me my average is 650 per post, oh l don’t feel so bad then 🙂

      All great information 🙂

  4. Lately my average is probably 2-3 posts per day. Occasionally I write a long rant or story, but in general my posts are pretty short. Idk what people like, since lately I have a surge of new followers but a big dip in visitors. Odd.

      1. The dip? I figured it must have been a day with fewer posts, but then I had a day with lots and stayed dipped. Never returned to my 200 average visits. Last couple days I haven’t posted much and it’s even lower. Yet, I keep getting more followers. Maybe from comments I made elsewhere? I don’t recognize the new people as bloggers I’ve interacted with.

        1. Do you think perhaps that when your content is shared, and as such then the sharer is intergrating your content with your own, that the sharer’s readership if not familiar with you then become aware of you, follow you and thenawait new content release?

  5. I like to post something daily and I usually post three of four things per day. I like to have at least one story or poem per day.
    The length really depends. If I am writing a story and it looks like it’s going to be a long one, more than 1000 words, then I often break it down into parts. We are living in an age of short attention spans, that is why I am surprised when I am told that publishers do not want short story anthologies, except from published and known authors. I think the literary world would love more novelettes and short story anthologies.

    1. Hey Kristian, thanks for the input – yes l too have read the short versus long content theory based on short attentive spans, as well as the other theory that readerships reflect based upon the content they are reading and react accordingly. So if a writer produces short content the readership will read that and if the writer posts long content, the readership will react to that also pending the content’s quality and variation.

      I think it’s fair to say therefore that each readership reacts differently to the content writer.

      I read recently the reason publishers want longer content is so as to grasp a deeper feeling into the writing format of the submitting writer, so perhaps in truth each publisher is different as indeed each readership is different.

      If we looked at personal favourites into account, l like reading both long and short content, pending my mood on the day, but will always go for longer content at times over shorter content.

      it’s funny there are some readers that want to see stories broken into segments and others who as example like me prefer the full story at once.

      Great insight – many thanks 🙂

  6. How often do you … post content to your blog?
    I usually post 3-4 times a day. If I’m pressed for time, maybe fewer. Time permitting, maybe more.

    What’s the … ideal length for a blog post?
    “Ideal” is so subjective. I guess it depends upon one’s writing style and voice. I try to keep most of my posts relatively short. My AVERAGE word count per post so far this year is only 230. Many of the prompt I respond to have word limits and even when I’m just writing my thoughts and observations, I try to keep my posts to 500 or fewer words. I used to be much more verbose in previous blogs, where my average posts were close to 800 words and where it was not that unusual for me to exceed 1,000 words. But as I wrote here:, I have made a concerted effort to be more concise. There are only so many hours in the day, and reading long posts (1,000 to 2,000+ words) can be very time consuming.

    1. Good answer Fandango, l am familiar with the terminology from a gamers point of view on forums. TLDR – Too long didn’t read.

      I don’t tend to worry about those things, but you are right, there are only so many posts you can read in a day.

      I just read your post and all the comments with it, and of the course the one thing we keep getting back to is this balance between writing and commenting on another’s blog and that leads us to another question, how many blog posts of other bloggers do you have in your expectations to read each day to feel comfortable or particularly gifting of free time. I think l will make this tomorrow’s question, and make it another double as there is also another aspect to that.

      I read every day, three blogger’s works, and l read six posts each of those three bloggers, and then comment or like accordingly, or even share.

      I sometimes wonder, at another thing – who knows if it holds water, but Kristian made mention to it as in SAS – short attention spans, and l wonder if this ties in with people who have the likes of Smart phones?

      I don’t, l have a brick, l care not for that kind of savvy social technology, but l wonder with the arrival of these phones and such like if this makes for more shorter content readers?

      Thank you for this particular answer Fandango, because this was an answer l was looking for in specifics to the reason behind this series of questions, kudos and brownie points awarded to you my friend 🙂

      1. It’s true that when using a smartphone, posts may appear longer than they do on a PC because of screen real estate. It takes a lot more scrolling on a smartphone to read a 500+ word post than it does on a laptop or a “brick,” where the entire post may appear on a single page.

        1. My phone brick is an old model Fandango, as in no Internet connection, l only read WP through a desktop, but with so many now reading blogs through smartphones it made me think of it.

          The likes of Twitter is a classic example of smartphone communications and sociality, in so far as people only like to see short messages, and yet when Twitter announced the new 280 characters thousands of people were super glee about it as it meant they could write longer messages, go figure 🙂

          1. Ah, I thought by “brick,” you meant one of those desktop computers that appear brick-like in size and shape. As you know, I pretty much use my iPhone for my blog and for reading what other bloggers have posted. But I am not on Twitter or Facebook, just WordPress, because of the interesting, creative, well-written things people have to say here.

  7. When I first began my blog, I posted once a week. The only reason for this was that I was utilizing a tablet. A real challenge to constantly type on this little board.
    Once I got my laptop, it was Eureka! Time for me to get serious. I began posting a post per day. I kept to one subject matter, and that was all things mental health.
    As time moved forward, I wanted to explore what I was passionate about, and that was poetry. I have always loved poetry since I was a child.
    I think I keep a balance between the two. I share about mental health from my perspective, I also emphasize posting positivity, and the poetry soon follows.
    I never quite follow a certain number count on how long, or how many words. I just go with the flow. It really depends on the subject matter at hand.

    1. Hey Beckie – great response 🙂

      Thank you for commenting to the question.

      Like you, like l would be surprised if you didn’t know ha ha, l don’t follow the crowd ‘for’ the normal, l just go with what is and the flow 🙂

  8. I do all my blog reading and writing from a phone or occasionally a tablet. We don’t have a laptop or desktop because Ben still likes to break things occasionally.

    I post whenever. Sometimes I post several times a week, sometimes not for a month or longer. I can be active in the community, reading and commenting on other blogs and not post anything to my own. The community is more important to me than my own blog. I write when I feel the need to.

    As to length… I like both. It doesn’t bother me to scroll through a long content post on my phone. If it’s interesting, I’ll read it. If it’s not I’ll stop. That goes for short or long.

  9. Wow, just reading all the comments here make my head spin… I only post about twice a month, or once a fortnight. Anything more, and I’m not sure I’d be able to keep it up and get good content out there as well. As for word count, I’m averaging at 500, so my posts are definitely on the shorter side of the spectrum.

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