How important is your blog to you?

Sadje expresses the importance of her blog, writing and blogging.

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Rory has asked

How Important Is Your Blog To You?

He wants to know;

I shall ask this question like this to be more exact – how important is your blog, your blogging and your writing/expressing yourself to you?

As Rory has admitted to being a gamer, so have I in my post, My secret Addiction. But my gaming addiction was of a tamer nature. I was in love with games like Nemo’s Reef, and Ice Age . They were the relaxing kind of games. You built up the community and get new fish/ animals. So there was no violence or armies to defeat. But nonetheless, these were pretty addicting games and I would spend a lot of time ( and money) on them. And it did make me addicted to spending a lot of time on my phone. Well, long story short, I gave up playing my games…

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