Tell the Story: Sinha

Sinah …and the space of dreams …

All About Life

His roar of pain could still be heard across the jungle plains

Pursued by the ignoble poachers his strength is waning

They’d taken his mother, her life for their illicit gains

Tilting his magnificent head he listens, they’re gaining

His lone topaz eye, the other lost in battles past, gleams

His ancient cunning conjures what it instinctively known

Evil men won’t take his life; he enters the space of dreams

He offers himself, worthless, as his body turns to stone.

Written in response to the tag from Rory and the Tell the Story Challenge. The rules state that I must now tag 3 other bloggers to tell a story based on my chosen picture which is below. However, when there is fun to be had I like to share it with as many people as possible so I’m giving an open invitation to anyone who loves writing short stories:

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