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How Important Is Your Blog To You?

I shall ask this question like this to be more exact – how important is your blog, your blogging and your writing/expressing yourself to you?

I spent 14 years of my free time playing a game called World of Warcraft, l was devout in learning about the game, and l spent hours and hours perfecting and honing my knowledge of it. I read up about it, cried over it, sweated over it, enjoyed and loved it – because each and every year that passed l had piled more of my heart and soul into it.

I still pay monthly to play, and once a day for roughly an hour l log in and instead of playing, l game for gold – as in l continually list my auctions for sale. I bought the new expansion Battle for Azeroth in August of last year and not once since then, have any of my character’s stepped into the new expansion.

My relationship with that game is like a marriage that has gone past the fun part of routine and l feel that we sometime this year could well be heading for a divorce. We have seperated in the past but always got back together.

I find it hard to detach from the game, because l am loyal, still vaguely love it, l mean in many respects it’s still a beautiful game, but also my characters are extensions of who l am. They are other sides to my personality, they reflect who l am and where l was in my life when l first created them, levelled them to where they are now. But sadly as a hobby, it’s no longer my main stay of interest.

I have a new hobby, a hobby and passion that has been around for a lot longer than playing an online game, that hobby is blogging, and my passion has been my writing.

I like many of us have been writing for a long time, and over the years l have at times been writing for an income, although l occasionally doodled poetry and attended to some what nots, l had never sat down and thoroughly enjoyed my writing and expressing myself in a way that l do now with my blog. I am actually enjoying it, l am actually having fun, and in some respects more fun than when l was playing the game.

I am a gamer, and will always have a game somewhere, l mean, l probably play more late night Fallout 4, than l play World of Warcraft, after l have finished with my blog for the day and finalised my Post Dateds for the following day, so l will never stop gaming. But WoW really helped me through some tough times in my life, and that may well explain why the characters mean so much to me and why l am so reticent about letting them go. The game was important to me for many reasons.

Non-gamers wouldn’t understand this, and l respect that – but with your blog, your writing, your blogging and your expressionisms, your creativity and your enthusiasm to not just have fun, but to in some cases hone your skills, improve your chances of writing for an income, or simply involving and immersing yourself into the community here, you are in many ways no different to a gamer – you are daily, weekly, monthly and so on pouring into your creation, your baby whichever terms best describes your blog – more of who you are – so on that level, l ask you again…

How Important Is Your Blog To You?

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  1. I enjoy blogging a lot. It does take up a bunch of time though and I do think about that. It bothers me that I don’t read as many books as I’d like to these days. But for now my blog is more important.

      1. Currently I read an average of 3 fiction books per month, and I’m starting to really miss it, but apparently not enough to cut back on blogging yet. I have so many books piled up here and on my Kindle too.

        1. I used to read roughly 60-70 books a year and since blogging l am down to about the same as your three per month. Although in actuality l am reading on average two diaries a month which is hard because l am having to use a magnifying glass, and a combination of like Dad’s manuscripts and his stories, as well as trying to finish off two other books – the only me time l get is the toilet lmao!

  2. I like my blog because it gives me a place to put ideas and feelings down in words. Get them out of my head and maybe connect with someone who has similar thoughts or feelings.
    I absolutely LOVE the blogging community! I can’t say enough about how supportive and amazingly wonderful everyone is!! My true family!!

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