Gone Fishin’ — Gentle Meadow

Dear Dad, You just wouldn’t believe the world today! Barely anyone has anything nice to say! How are the stars where you are? You would be amazed On how far a daughter can travel with half a heart… I bought myself a homestead in the mountains To be closer to God, To be closer to […]

via Gone Fishin’ — Gentle Meadow

Beautifully penned here, by Myth – nicely and lovely done 🙂

“Gone Fishin'”

4 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’ — Gentle Meadow

  1. You have no idea how my tears are falling here! What an honor for my amazing Father whom so many people loved and still speak of to this day. (( Hugging you)) How sweet of you! Thank you!❤️ Good- night…

      1. Thank you! By the way ..those were joyous tears l spoke of! My life is comfortable and I am blessed for knowing and have loved many beautiful people in my life! Happy blogging!!🙂

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