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The Sinful Fall of the DVD!!

I have perhaps 500 DVD’s, l only had roughly 380 before l dropped another 120 odd from my Father’s collection onto them. I thought l could sell them. I am now glad l didn’t bring his 600 CD’s with me from the last time l was at the house, as the market has dropped considerably in value on them.

The DVD’s as little as maybe 6 months ago, still had a market for them, but six months later, a mere six months and that market has declined rapidly. If l had the space of course, the time and the patience, l suppose l could set up a small store somewhere and proceed to sell them slowly to the market place, but l don’t and l don’t want to, so l am left with only a few choices which are becoming slimmer with each passing week.

Two years ago, private sales of DVD’s was much easier, not now, not any more, now it’s almost impossible. Charity shops are no longer wishing to take them either, but then, they are not wishing to take books. That’s a sin right there, and l think to the books at my Father’s house which will be cleared this week at some point, and dumped with out ceremony at a tip! I mean fuck sake, that’s just wrong! That all those books should just be disposed of because no one wants to read any more! It’s criminal. Even the libraries locally said no, l mean for goodness sake they are libraries meant for books and they even said no. “I am afraid we can’t we have too many books now, and well, not many people visit libraries and it appears not many people around here find pleasure in reading a book, have you tried the charity shops?”

Yes of course l have, their answers were similiar … “Books, on no l am sorry sir, but people aren’t reading them much anymore, so we are not taking any fresh ones on board, we have an over surplus in Deal alone of nearly 5000, and we can’t shift them, we are even thinking of dropping books as an item from our sales lists!”

I say to myself, if l had the space, the time, the patience … but then l think, so what? Books aren’t being read, DVD’s are not being watched, music CD’s not really being listened to … everything can be found on line. Much much smoother than handling a book and finding space for it, allowing it to gather dust, sitting there forlorn, unloved and lost on a shelf for months if not years, waiting to be picked up again and loved. It matters not anymore about time, space and energy – if the market isn’t interested all you’ll effectively be doing is flogging an already dead tree.

It’s sinful.

I tried Magpie over the weekend for sales on the DVD’s, some they only offered a penny for! A lousy bloody penny!! Some were worth more, some were worth 5pence, 12p and 45 pence. Some of dad’s were worth a quid, especially the Frank Sinatra ones and Audrey Hepburn, so you think, okay l will list those for sale as a specialist deal, and it matters not if you display them for 50p each, no one wants to know!! Plus Magpie were only interested in 178 DVD’s total and only offered me £60!!

I will try the other App later, Ziffit and see if they can take more of the 500 than a mere 178 and maybe offer more than £60, but l am not convinced they will either.

Of course, why am l surprised? When was the last time l watched a DVD? Well admittedly, l watched The Thing 1982 a few nights ago, but it was as l was zapping the DVD’s for potential sale l saw it, and thought, crikey it’s been years since l saw this on the big screen, and years since l last watched it on DVD [5]. But the last time l watched DVD’s with any regularity was perhaps 3 years ago. My own collection, has been in a state of breakdown since 2015.

I too watch the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime for convenience.

It is indeed sinful in many respects  how obsessed we have all become with the Internet, but hey it’s the future, we all live in the future, today and tomorrow and even our own yesterdays are mostly still the future. The golden age of books, DVDs and CD’s are now relics of who we used to be.

Dear Blog ……

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    1. I had thought of that, but you still need the space. The 500 DVD’s alone takes 8 boxes, the CD’s perhap another six boxes, but his books at roughly 1800 that would take up maybe 30+ boxes, and l don’t have the space for that lot here, especially as we are downsizing. If you are a dedicated Ebay seller and l used to be for books and DVD’s that’s one thing, but in those days l lived in a much bigger property and had a room allocated to storage.

        1. Well think about it – if you hire some space – you have to pay for space – with the rate that commercial DVD’s and CD’s move out now, that is not a high profit, and the margin you work with is very slim. Books are an even slower seller … the biggest issue here is that those three markets specifically are taking huge decline hits now on sales. People no longer wish to hoard ‘things’ like those three item genres, and books take up a terrible space. When was the last time you walked into say a friends house and saw wall to wall bookshelves, or maybe 20 stands for dvd’s.

          In the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000 l knew of at least twenty people that had that, and here we are approaching 2020 and my Father was the only person l knew who had that. My friend Dodge is an avid reader, used to be a collector of military books had some maybe 800 on the subject, but they gathered dust.

          When libraries are declining offers and charity stores are declining gifts, there is a significant problem afoot. Because then, hiring space at maybe £100 pcm minimum in this area, and you might only be making £30 a month through declining market sales, you will find yourself running at a huge loss.

          When l traded, it was a full time job, next to the animal business. The animal business in the final years was covering the losses of the book market.

          That ‘s when you realise that some markets simply don’t have the life to them any more – if you have free space and low outgoings, and are able to buy stocks at the right price you have a chance, but even Ebay sellers are finding their markets very difficult these days from as little back as 2016.

          I have given this some thought, but the stress load isn’t worth it.

          1. You have worked out the logistics, so it seems that you are right to write off the sale. You are right no one is now interested in collecting the collectibles.

            1. And that’s the sadness right there – but even more critical is that all of these things unless we find a buyer will end up on a landfill site, something the planet doesn’t need anymore. We need to really improve the recycle markets globally – we need to be making stuff from these things – currently l am racking my brains on recycling with the dvd’s, okay maybe they will not sell as their actual property but is there a way of making them into something else? A bit of art deco or similiar.

              I remember a few years ago seeing a chap make bookends out of books, who knows, it’s a criminal problem on a huge scale.

  1. Goodness. No one wants books, CDs or DVDs anymore. Wow. All that money spent… I guess you do have to shelter it.

    My how things have changed when I wasn’t looking.

    1. Yes, today l spoke to a Methodist church who have a big sale coming up end February and have donated it all to them. The monies go to helping the homeless so, that is at least something good 🙂

  2. I still buy books. Rarely I admit, because of financial and lack of storage space. I still prefer an actual paper book to my e-reader. I love the smell and the weight and holding the actual object. I make VERY good use of my local library. I have 5 books checked out right now.

    DVDs are also a ‘thing’ in my house. Loved films we want to watch whenever we want. They’re not always available on streaming services. And Ben, oh my goodness, HAS to have certain movies available!! Right now Hocus Pocus is in the DVD player and it plays on repeat the entire time he’s home and awake. He also surfs YouTube & Netflix, but the DVD must, MUST be playing!

    It’s shameful and sad that people don’t appreciate books and even DVDs anymore. Our immediate gratification, disposable society is really missing out on things that are important.

    1. Yes it is sad. My Sister and l are like chalk and cheese, l am desperately trying to rehome stuff even if it can’t be sold and she is simply ‘Get rid of it, it’s worthless!’ It’s a hard, hard battle. But the reality is with this huge collection that is so terribly tied into one genre is proving very difficult to shift.

      Like you l prefer a book to hold, but l can and have only managed to rescue a few of his books, because they simply take up too much space and it’s not a topic [cricket] l am overly fond of. It would take too long to sell, so we have to do what we can with them.

      DVD’s, well so much now is available on an online application, that they are becoming redundant the moment they are released.

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