3-2-1 Quote Me: Creativity

The world seems brighter …oh yes it does indeed, but what is it referring to? Check out Paula’s selected quotes for 321 Creativity 🙂

Light Motifs II

Rory tagged me in this game, which is a great way to begin the week. I intend to get back to my novel in progress, so you’ll be seeing a bit less of me around Blogville.

I found these gems on Wisdom Quotes. Perfect for my renewed foray into the chaos of editing the mess I wrote during NaNoWriMo last November and then coming up with a stellar ending to tie everything together.

Perhaps Laura, Jordy, and Linda would also enjoy playing along. They’re very creative!

Happy Monday! It’s raining ☔️ again here in Southern California.


I did agonize over capping “southern,” if anyone cares, and googled. It doesn’t look right to me, but CMOS and Grammar Girl say cap, so I will. These are the distractions that plague me endlessly.

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      1. LMAO!! I know, I know… It’s true we don’t get much but we’ve already had 150 percent of normal this year and February is the rainiest month. Snow level dropped to 2500 feet. About 15 miles east of where I am. I’m in a valley though so no worries about the white stuff. Thank goodness!!

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