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Do you consider your blog an art form?

I have heard this phrase quite a few times over the past few months within WP. Do you consider you blog to be an ‘art form’ or a creative hub, a writing forum or an inventive arena?’

It has been suggested that l am quite creative, and l struggle with this particular term as l don’t specifically see myself as ‘creative’, l do see myself as somewhat inventive with some of the things l do in blog, but creative isn’t me. I think creating fiction pieces in so far as writers go is more creative than my reality or expression writing. I see photography, cookery, arts and crafts and the such like as being more ‘creative’ in so far as the practical term is applied. Perhaps the poetry is creative, but again l see this as being more a form of expression than creativity.

But what do you think? Do you consider your blog an art form?

Let me know below in the comments section.

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  1. I don’t think my blog is particularly creative. Only in poems and stories I can claim to some creativity. The rest is what I think about life and though I try to write clearly, I don’t think it would count as creative. You on the other hand are creative with not only your poetry but also all the challenges and games you are planning for the bloggers.

  2. No, I do not consider my blog “art”. I do however allow the reader and the listener to reach their own conclusions and interpretations. I do not dictate those.

    1. Yes in fact l remember you saying it also during our podcast my friend, but l have also heard the phrase bandied around WP quite a few times, which is why it made for another excellent question – 🙂

  3. I consider my blog an art form. Yes, I do. Because it is extension of my heart and mind through words. The blog is my canvas where I put together words, phrases and (sometimes) pictures to display to the world how I feel or am experiencing.

  4. No art in my blog. I guess if a blog is only for photography, poetry, gardening…that sort of thing, it could be considered art.

    Art is a personal thing, to both the creator and the appreciator.

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