And That’ll Cost You …

Damning reading, the truth isn’t a conspiracy theory.

7 thoughts on “And That’ll Cost You …

  1. heartbreaking. we all hope and wish the heatwave abates, my friend.

    you are in our thoughts during this extreme weather and once again hopes and wishes are that the heatwave abates and very soon.

    wishes and regards.

    peace brother ✌

    1. I know, Cage Dunn has my sympathy also, it’s a terrible blow to lose your fruits of labour this way .. but as we were discussing only the other day my brother, this is the way our world is sadly shaping up.

      1. so true my brother, it is a horrible blow to Cage Dunn and all our thoughts are with those enduring this insane weather – and yes this is sadly the result of the way our world, which has been toxically and incessantly polluted, is now showing signs of being unable to maintain an equilibrium that has remained for millennia until the last two centuries.

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