A Creative Smidgen!



A Creative Smidgen!

Recently l received an email asking me the following question with regards my ‘true stories’ …

Which are you –  Reality vs Fiction vs Factual vs Fantasy?

I could simply answer by saying this, ‘l used to do stupid things, now l am just stupid!’

When l was younger l was clumsy and accidental, basically as a direct result of not looking where l was going. Of course some have said that the presence of my Asperger’s atypically to a degree makes me clumsier than most, and not because Asperger’s is symbiotic to being clumsy, but principally because it is more a case of not looking at the pivot point as in if l am A and l want to get to C, l bypass B and that is where accidents tend to occur, especially for me. Classic examples of this are being hit by cars and busses whilst crossing roads, l simply don’t always look at what is coming, l just look at where l am going or where l want to be, or what l want to look at. So with many stories they are indeed true, they are down to me not looking at what l am doing.

Other stories are around because l have always found things fascinating I have tried to sample as much with my life as l could, although and albeit many of my stories are from my younger days up to my forties to later forties, these days l am quite boring.

In my mid twenties l had a very serious near death experience, and whilst it took me a long time to recover from l decided to take more risks with my life and became very adventurous, almost dangerous, l flaunted my life with death to see how far l could push the boat out.

I have always held onto the thought that l couldn’t judge another if l didn’t know what l was talking about, and so l have many experiences with many things and some of them are not that nice, they are savoury, some are and were spicy and some were sugary.

Of course some of the stories will come across as incredulous, ridiculous, out of this world or even extraordinary, but is this not life?

These days l am a husk of my former self, and l look forwards to the days when l can adventure out again, but l am reticent to a certain degree because l have a dog, those who don’t have a companion may not realise that when you have a ‘child/companion’ you have a certain amount of responsibility and l would not wish to place myself into predicaments which might result in my death or an accident and therefore l wouldn’t be able to enjoy her remaining days. You see, l dedicated my life to my dogs, as most parents will always look out for their children, it slows you down a little.

Now to the question, are my stories Factual, Fiction, Reality or Fantasy – well whilst l can write fiction and l do so occasionally, l have more still to discuss in the reality side of my previous life. I have never been much of a fantasy story teller, preferring to deal with reality, so l guess that leaves us with this, they are factual.

But ultimately it comes down to the reader’s interpretation, of what they wish to believe or not believe, if you are enjoying the story, the tale, the workings of my mind, my answer is always the same – believe what you wish – for l know the truth.

Thanks for the question.

Rory Matier

5 thoughts on “A Creative Smidgen!

  1. We know that your adventures are based on truth, because as they say truth is stranger than fiction. Very unusual adventures! But that they really happened, no doubt about that. So you’re always truthful!

  2. A good story contains elements of fantasy and unreality. Or it’s just kinda dull IMHO. The best books – the ones I really love, contain a great story built around a kernel of truth. Being a story teller is an awesome talent, and sadly that skill is disappearing. Nobody wants to LISTEN any more…try telling a whole story to someone. Their eyes glaze over and eventually one realizes nobody is paying any attention. So why bother? That’s where the WRITER (and you’re one) steps in. Keep on telling your tales. It’s up to the reader to decide if they enjoy it, and it’s not your problem once you’ve written it. Just my two pence. 😉

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