We Found One

Another delightfully imaginative Tell The Story from Teresa 🙂

The Haunted Wordsmith


People packed the small lobby of ELF Laboratory and waited for the press conference to begin. An eerie silence fell over the crowd as Dr. Linkworth exited the lab and approached the podium.

“Good evening,” he said, clearing his throat. “It is my pleasure to announce the discovery of a lifetime. He now have uncontrovertible evidence that extraterrestrial lifeforms do exist.”

Gasps and grumbling filled the lobby. Some reporters shook their heads and started to pack their bags — until Dr. Linkworth’s assistant brought out a body strapped to an upright table. Jaws dropped and eyes bulged as the assistant uncovered the body. Some reporters gasped, others turned away from the horror, and one even fainted.

“This specimen is still alive,” Dr. Linkworth began. “If you notice, the species is deformed. They have primitive optical nerves that still require the use of two eyes. Their ears are also quite primitive…

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