Truly Inspired Series 2 – What Inspired You To Create You?



Have you seen my Truly “Inspired Series?

Here are just 8 of our 48 interviews

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CentiScript/Novus Lectio

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Meditations in Motion

Ray Not Bradbury

What inspires you to create within your blog? What motivates you to write with the frequency that you do?

What’s your story or is it your journey? What inspires you to reach out to an unseen audience and tell the world your innermost feelings, share your observations on life, highlight your opinions on your chosen topic or genre?

Is your blog a message? Or is it a way to fine tune and hone your writing skills? Is there more for you with your blog, greater heights to be scaled, a ladder and doorway to success?

Do you consider your blog an art form, a creativity hub or an inspirational and inventive arena for your mind?

I ask you these questions, because l do assure you with hand upon heart and fingers on keyboard, your readers want to know.


So why not tell them?

It’s a simple process and doesn’t take that long … so what are you waiting for?

Currently we number 48 ,…

… are you number 49?

Would you like to be?

Series 2 Questionnaire

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Thanks – Rory

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