Once upon a Crime…. a Challenge from Rory, A Guy Called Bloke.

Inspector Kristian has done it again!

Well l can tell you for sure l would like to see what Crushed Caramel has to say about this – it’s just shocking, who would have thunk that?

Poor ol’ Sadje, and she so wanted to live …….. what can l say!

Brilliantly done Sir Kristian 🙂

Tales from the mind of Kristian


It was a cold and frosty morning when the telephone rang on Inspector Kristian’s desk.

He was just in the middle of dunking his chocolate hobnob in his tea, it was the crucial third dunk, the one where he would either place the gooey mess into his mouth, or the whole thing would disintegrate into the cup. Quickly he shoved the soggy biscuit into his mouth then reached for the phone.

“Yes?” He said, or would have had his mouth not been full of biscuit.

The person at the other end knew his little foibles and understood him anyway.

“It’s Officer Rory speaking Sir. There’s been a Murder. Can you come to the Lighthouse at Paula’s Point straight away?”

“Typical” Muttered the Inspector to himself “I was just looking forward to putting my feet up and reading another Agatha Christie novel.”

He picked up his large, leather Gladstone bag, filled…

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