Do you think …



Do you think  … you are too honest for your blog, your readership and your audience?

Yesterday whilst participating in my second Podcast with Poddy of Bottomlesscoffee007 he raised an interesting point about perhaps ‘bloggers could be too honest in their writing’, which l found fascinating. So much so, l took a long time deliberating what answer to award his statement.

Now l am like a book and if you know how to read, you can read me. Many say l am overly complex and l always pooh pooh this notion, l am not that complex, but l am as complex as a person makes me out to be.

I am also exceedingly honest and open with my blog in so far as revealing 95% of me to my readership and on a few occasions 98%, some might say l am too honest, too open, too revealing, l don’t know, maybe l am, but that is just me, so how about you?

How honest are you to your blog and as such your readership? Do you think you can be too honest, too open?

Let me know below in the comments section.

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  1. I know that you are always honest in your writing. Otherwise some of your adventure if described by anyone else would be unbelievable. As far as my blog is concerned, I am as honest as I can when writing about subjects close to my heart. When I write on prompts I do mostly fiction so honestly required there. As far as the question that can anyone be too honest? I don’t know if it applies to any of the blogs I follow.

    1. I think it all comes down to the comfort zone of the individual – what they are willing to basically share and what they consider off limits 🙂

      Thanks for the input.

    1. Yes so do l Ashley, in fact l recall last year, you and l having a blog conversation about resonation and relatability and the reality of a person’s blog style which many readers find comfort in as it is just that ‘real’ 🙂

  2. I am extremely honest and open, though I do embellish and omit as discussed to make things more interesting. I’m careful not to talk about work much or to compromise the privacy of other people, especially my children. So, I don’t tell many family stories. I try not to speak ill of my parents since they’re no longer here, but sometimes it’s inevitable when I occasionally discuss my childhood. Mostly I’m open about feelings. I’m not afraid of them or embarrassed. I think it makes my writing relatable.

    1. Yes l think when there is a danger to disclose, that some things should be expressed. I change all the names in my stories, bar Suze’s and my own. I was signing my father off purely as BM on his stories and changing his name to Ben, but of course in his autobiography it displays his real name.

      I think if my parents had shown me when they were alive [in the case of my father], although my Mother is still with us, had shown me and allowed me boundaries to exist l may hold a different opinion of them, but they didn’t, and l express as honestly as l can.

      Thanks for commenting here today Paula 🙂

  3. I think I can be too honest in some of my posts. I only think that’s an issue for my blog because when writing about myself or my life, it tends to be about the negative and the struggles. Great for me as an outlet, but not great for readers!

    1. Hey Kat – good to see you here – but is it too honest? i am not sure, l think that readers as we have discussed and other writers have suggested here today that what readers like is the real time aspect of a person’s life, so that they can relate to the writer and feel that their own journey if not ideally awesome is not that far removed from another person’s life?

      i think the reason that so many of these TV series like Eastenders or neighbours, home and away etc are so successful is because they are never far removed from the struggles of other people, albeit fictionalised and yet, for watchers and in our case readers it means at times they can step away from their life and take a break in someone else’s ?

      1. Yes, I see your point Rory, and I do appreciate the honesty I see in other bloggers posts, so I guess it’s no different when the tables are turned.
        Interesting theory posed about TV soapies and the like. I think you could be very warm to the truth there.

  4. I think there are two slightly different factors here. Firstly, how much of what you reveal is true. In this case, I am 100% Honest. There is also the factor of how much you actually reveal in the first place. By this measure, my blog is about my creative writing not about me, and as such, I hope I have kept myself from becoming the focus. Everything I have said is true, but I haven’t told everything. 🙂

    1. Very true – like you everything l write is 100% true, but l think also there is yet another aspect.

      You are a fiction writer and l am not, l am l think more of a reality and expressions writer and my fiction takes a very backward seat.

      As a fiction writer you will of course naturally lean towards introducing elements of your personal life into your stories, and can like Paula has said already if needs be embellish where necessary either way of reality/fiction.

      Valid points.

      My Father was a fantasy writer, not the genre, but he seemingly couldn’t always differentiate between fiction and reality and spent much of his time in an artficial reality.

  5. I’m all about honesty. My blog tells my life the way it is. That’s why I keep it mostly anonymous. Not that I’m afraid of exposing myself, but because I discuss my daughters and my autistic grandson.

    I guess it depends on what the purpose of the blog is. If you’re only doing cooking or car maintenance, you might not want to write about your personal feelings. But if it’s a blog about yourself, you should be totally honest. Otherwise, what’s the point? It can always be done anonymously.

  6. I think that we should be careful what and how much we reveal about ourselves. Somethings, yes, or maybe. But be careful what you reveal and how much as people can use it.

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