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Sandman prefers to only share within his own comfort zone … but how about you?

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  1. It’s a strange thing, i often WANT to share something un my piems. I feel I want to put EVERYTHING of my life, and just life in general, into my poetry. That’s what poetry is about! But I found that if I did, I tended to get pep talks, or given a way to do it differently. I also got very very kind people encoyraging me. But then I felt a but unconfirtable because I often got misinterpreted. It is such a balancing act. I am abtotally honest person, who doesn’t care if it all goes out there, but then that makes you vulnerable. So I do then get uncomfirtable. There is nothing in my life that I woukd normally feel uncomfortable sharing. Life is lufe! We alk live it! Goid question. I enjoyed answering that one

    1. Hi Lorraine, yeas l think this is what Poddy was suggesting and highlighting, the vulnerability side to being open. of course there is that. I have always found that being honest is the best foot forwards and l run with that. Of course over the years it has gotten me into trouble at times, but not so much the openess of honesty, more along the lines of people at times do not wish to hear a truth expressed so honestly :0

      Thanks for the input and glad you enjoyed the question 🙂

      1. Thanks. Yes actually I too run with the truth and total honesty. Bloke you it has sometimes gotten me into trouble because people as you say too don’t really want to hear it. But then there us always someone who comes along and says thank you fir saying that. It is how I feel too. I would LOVE to write bluntly and honestly about my cancer and my blindness but it is NOT a pleasant story. But it is reality. And it may well be someone else’s reality too. Do I am torn as I started my Blig as a platform for my portry. But I would LOVE to tell my story. Shot and all. And shit feelings about it and all. Maybe I could do it by putting a warning on it that this is my story. Then ppl can choose if they want to read. Thus question has really done me some good because it is close to my heart. Many thanks to yourself fir your own honesty. I like it

        1. I think you should write the story Lorraine, because as we both know there are many people that have similiar journeys, equally there are many writers in WP alone who have to endure cancer, chronic pain, mental health issues, depression, anxieties and the list is actually endless.

          i think when we do write and show to people, the hard core reality of truth, people can resonate more and feel the empathy with the writer telling their story.

          Poetry is of course the ultimate honesty literature going, because many a time it is dealing with the inner most emotions and feelings of the writer at that time.

          Let’s be even franker, the world is a bloody awful place, great to those who live perfect lives, but the majority of people don’t live perfect lives, they live lives where they have to take the good, the bad and the downright God awful reality of life.

          Shit exists, it’s part of our learning curve, it trials our experiences, the fact that you are writing, running and maintaining a blog is a living testament to your grit and determination to keeping going and not giving up. Perhaps you should look at your story as being a motivational or an inspiration to others currently going through similiar and thinking they are alone?

          1. Thanks so much. You are SO right. There is quite a lot of LITERAL shit in my story lol. I have come to the conclusion that I am schizophrenic because I can write two ways. One is, I am shit fed up and want to leave thus goddam world, and the other is seeing stars in mud etc. BOTH are true! Lol I ought to do it in columns. The shit column and the stars column. Ha!

          2. Maybe that is the lead in Lorraine,, writing the fantasy and glitzy side then displaying the ‘Hang on a minute buddy, this is the real honest shit!’

  2. Ok RORY. It IS Rory isn’t it? I have made a decision. Thankyou SO much. I will DO it. It will give me something more to live for. I am grateful to you, and Paddy.m

    1. I am pleased and this is a prime example of what Poddy and l were discussing yesterday, with honesty also comes realisation that at times what we write makes an impact on someone ele’s life 🙂

        1. Well ultimately I hope to entertain my longterm readership, knowing that I probably have a diverse range of people read I feel for a casual blog I should egg people on too much.

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