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We would all love to make money from our blogs if we could, but does this mean we have to sell our souls purely to the advertising devil, or is there any other way?

I have seen this question bantered around the neighbourhood recently, by many bloggers – how does one make money from their blog?

Even Suze has asked of me, is there no way you could make an income from it, considering the sheer amount of time you spend with it?

I answer, l don’t know, in all honesty it’s not something l have looked at or into with any great passion or enthusiasm as l just like my blog the way it is. I have never really looked at making money from my blogging or rather my blog. I have made money before with my writing, but it was l feel easier twenty years ago, than it might be today.

My fear is that in order to make money, it may mean hogging up my blog site with advertsing, and the one thing l cannot stand is the ever presence of advertising  in and on the Internet. But is this the only real way to make money from your blogging?

Is monetization of the blog a viable and perhaps reliable way of deriving an income? Or is it a waste of your time and energy with a non-existent earner?

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  1. I have got the WordPress ads on my blog, and have earned a grand total of $ 8.8 till to date. I will get paid when the amount reaches $ 100. Which maybe a couple of years! I would like to know too, the answer to your question! Is there a easy way?

    1. No idea, l think with the way we live now in a digital advertising world, we seemingly cannot go anywhere without being bombarded by advertising. Perhaps as Paula says the way is still through writing the old fashioned way, but simply using a modern application like E?

  2. So, I am attempting to make money. I turned the advertisements on and I’m selling apparel.

    However, I don’t think this will actually pan out.

    I’m hoping that eventually my blog and podcast will spread and gain in popularity. Because then, advertisers will reach out to me (real money), I won’t be beholden to them (I won’t go begging them to advertise on my space, they will beg me).

    I refuse to be held back by advertisers or anyone that would shy away from my content. That is why people read and listen already, because they like what they read and hear.

    I’m still trying to figure this all out. But in the meantime, I’m just gonna keep on trucking!

  3. I’m thinking of the opposite ~ of paying to turn ads off. I don’t see them in the app, but sometimes I check how my blog looks in a browser and right away the ads pop up, ughhh. I want my blog to look appealing to everyone ~ then maybe people will buy my books! Hah.

    You could turn one of your series of stories or poems into a self-published book on Amazon and link to it on your blog, Rory. Then when people buy it, you’d make money.

    1. Mm, it’s something which a few people have mentioned in the past Paula, ref, my writing. I am undecided at present.

      So the pop ups you have on your site are they hosted by WP?

  4. Great question. I am not sure you can make money from a blog unless, in fact, you do sell your soul to the devil but then will you even enjoy blogging or writing if the money becomes the focus. Since I have started I have made a whopping 8.95 so by the year 2030 I should hit the $100 mark. I already know what I will spend the money on lol

  5. Another good one, Rory 🙂

    I blog on WP for free – in other words I don’t pay WP in any way at all to blog and they get to put adverts on my blog to pay for my cheap ass and allow me to do things for free.

    If you’re paying for a WP blog, thus get the option for no adverts, and thus get the option to be paid to allow adverts – Is the revenue you get for the adverts more than the amount you pay for your WP blog?

    Like most bloggers I’ve thought – wouldn’t it be nice to make money doing this – but I’m very prickly and picky about how I would do it.

    I refused to have a DONATE button when that became a popular thing a while ago. No idea if anyone would donate, not going to find out.

    One of the blogs I follow does some posts for free, while the others are for Patreon members only. While paywalls annoy me because I’m cheap, I think that’s quite a good idea for a blogger, because you’re not selling out, you’re valuing what you do. But something like Patreon will only pay off if others value what you do too. That particular blogger is a professional astrologer who is very good at what they do, and writes superb posts.

    Creating your own merchandise is quite a good money-maker, but you do have to pay to make the merchandise, and then hope people will want it and buy it. For blogs who do cartoons/comics that can work out really well. Like the cat guy, forgot his name for the moment… Simon’s Cat. I remember following his blog before he became popular and famous.

    But for every success story there are many more shit didn’t work out as planned stories.

    There are a lot of bloggers who have written books, many of them have written posts about the grim reality of making money that way. It involves heaps of work, money spent trying to make it work.

    To really make it work you have to understand SEO, and get to grips with other social media platforms. Twitter will give you good SEO, however if you really want to sell you have to impress Instagram. And Instagram is hella fickle. You have to stay in the loop, know what’s trending, know your hashtags, get on bandwagons or figure out how to start one, go viral, work your blogging butt off beyond your blog.

    I’d love to get paid for blogging, and get rich from it 😉 but terms and conditions apply, and I quite like the freedom of doing it for free and giving it all away for free. I don’t owe anyone anything and they don’t owe me anything either.

    1. An excellent response Ursula, and one that has prompted me to remember something l had planned to write up this week, but that might have to wait till the weekend now, well that’s not that far away, it”s tomorrow ha ha! But it was about merchandise. I spent thousands on designs back in 2015 and had a business, which is currently lying dormant, and in desperate need of updating, but it sits for the time being doing nothing.

      You are quite right about SEO, and all the other social media platforms you need to attach to self-promote and like you l am merely happy perhaps lazy – not you , me – with being in charge of my own destiny with regards the other platforms and not having anything to do with them. i am quite fickle, l prefer to run one social platform and then work it – rather than have several, become stressed, overwhelmed and generally pissed off ha! Too many platforms makes for an incredibnle amount of work, and something l am not willing to perform.

      Yes l too would like to get rich from blogging, but l think those days are far removed from the early days of opportunistic blogging we saw at the start of the millenium.

      There are other ways to make money online, and l think l would prefer to keep my buiness away from my private writing, because that is how you can soon tire yourself out of a much loved hobby. I write for pleasure, l don’t nor any longer write for business and l like it that way.

      But all these responses are helping me enormously with the scheme l have been toying with for the past ten days or so, and also help l think with my merchandise thoughts – so thank you, once more for the insights and input 🙂

  6. Since I’m disabled and receive a monthly income from the government (SSDI) I can’t receive money from anyplace else. I’ve never considered blogging for money, so I have no idea how one would go about doing that. I’d think adverts or a Patreon link would be the way to go.

  7. I opted to pay for the WordPress Personal plan primarily to get rid of the ads. I really have no interest in trying to monetize my blog, as it’s purely a hobby and something I enjoy. I know some bloggers who use Patreon to generate some income from their blogs, but I haven’t looked into it because of what I said above. Here’s the site in case you want to investigate it: https://www.patreon.com/

    1. No, l agree, like you l have no real plans to monetize my blog either. It is my hobby, and l hate internet advertising as it is. You cannot go anywhere without advertising jumping out into your face. You Tube is a classic example, some long videos are filled with useless adverts. I don’t know how many people click on them, but l guess they must otherwise they wouldn’t be there. But with me, l just cuss and switch off the adverts quickly.

      It’s bad enough now with all the new ‘do you grant permission adverts’

      I paid the money to go Premium purely to up my storage space from the personals 6gb to the 13gb. It says there are other options, but my main fear was not having enough space.

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