The Friday Four February 1/19

Sadje, tackles the Friday Four and awards us with another interpretation of answers to questions 🙂

Keep it alive

A Guy Called Bloke, AKA Rory has asked his four questions:

The Friday Four

1] Does modern life give us more freedom or less freedom than in the past?

The modern day life is a knife that cuts both ways. We have faster modes of traveling and ease of travel but we cannot really escape as we usually are attached to our cell phones. No avoiding calls, no excuse of being away from the phone. We have the freedom to immerse ourselves in stories and books but the time to do so is so very limited. Information is available everywhere about everything but which source to trust?

2] How do we know that our life as we live it, is actually our own life and that we are not trapped in an imaginary world of our own making?

Just give yourself a big pinch, you will speedily realize that you…

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