Roaring Good Times! – Pod 2


Roaring Good Times! – Pod 2

This afternoon at UK 5.30pm, Poddy of Bottomlesscoffee007 and l engaged in our second episode of Roaring Good Times. Once more we tried for twenty – thirty minutes and once again failed miserably. But we are still striving to achieve that.

I think that once we can establish a bit more structure in the way of topics we will be able to attune to shorter time frames.

I said hello to the following bloggers:

Carolyn from over @ Hawk Feather Stories

Kristian from over @ Tales From the Mind of Kristian

Angie from over @ King Ben’s Grandma

Ursula from An Up-Turned Soul

Britchy of Bitchin in the Kitchen

Ashley – Mental Health @ Home

Poddy also said hey, hello and howdy to Mel of Crushed Caramel

Whilst my nervousness has mostly disappeared l need to work on my stumbling and repetitiveness and sheer gobblygook!

Roaring Good Times! – Pod 2

Carolyn wanted to hear about the UK, l tried my best with my village, but l am not that great on travel guides admittedly, and Kristian wanted to know about goats and the best we could achieve was some kind of goat mimicry – but goats is on the agenda next week Kristian!

However if there are things you would like to hear, please do drop a line in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Roaring Good Times! – Pod 2

  1. It was another awesome conversation!! Thanks for saying hey. You should’ve tried out the ‘American Country’ drawl…LOL!!
    You can tell the escaping goats story next time. That’s a good one.
    Tell Scrappy her voice is also lovely!🙂

    1. Thanks Grandma – yep that was Scrappy getting excited about walking time with her Mummy. i never hear Scrappy tell me how excited she is to walk with me, but Suze has a full on running commentary. I guess it’s because Scrapps is home with me all day, l have become boring lol!

  2. Thank you for the pod-blog-nod, Rory 🙂

    I listened to the whole thing the other night. I thought you were great on it. Poddy should interact more than he does, because when he does the conversation becomes more animated. It’s fun listening to the two of you trying to figure out wtf the other one is talking about because of the cultural differences.

    You did an excellent chicken impression, in fact I was certain that you had a live chicken with you.

    Poddy should consider doing transcripts of his podcasts as posts, then he would have an oral version for those who like to listen and a version for those who prefer to read.

    Look forward to the next one!

    1. Thank you Ursula, we are still trying to get our times down, and we are still failing miserably, but we will get there 🙂

      I thought my chicken was ok. The problem is that Suze was looking at me oddly but worse than that, so too was Scrappy, l thought she was going to pounce on me, so l had to wait for the pair of them to leave, before l went full chicken mode 🙂

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