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Yes!! I love Madonna!! She is great to listen to whilst l paw this article up. Mummy and Dad are asleep hee hee!

I have to give Dad credit, really l do. The K9 Interviews are a good read, easy to paw up, and allow my blog to have this sustainability he talks of so frequently! Which in turn allows me to think about what topic l am going to paw about next and here it is, my first real step at some serious K9ry!

So l figured l would turn my paws to some pawnalism writing … ready for my new feature called 4 Paws Diary.

Quite often Dad gets a morning newspaper given to him, by our walking buddy Dodger, and what Dad tends to do, is read them briefly, and then search out interesting articles, cut them out and store them for ‘Rainy days blogging posts’ or RDBG’s as l shall refer to them as] , and then he discards the paper onto the floor before it goes into recycling.

However, what Dad also does, is because he can be at times slower with the reading and cutting out of interesting RDBP’s as he is busy writing most days now, these papers still lie on the floor to the side of his desk, so on occasion, l tend to have a quick flick through them, before he does, and it was because of this action, that l came up with my next post

Combined with my new K9 Interview series, and of course one of Dad’s designs which both he and ‘I’ came up with, so don’t let him fool you that it was just his creation, l came to realise that the time to approach the world of K9 companionship was here!

At my own concession l can say Dad has written a lovely series of posts concerning Pawtism, so you might like to look those up.


The design Pawtism, was not just about Autism as many seemingly believed, but about the beautiful affect that not just dogs, but all pets and animals can have on their 2 leggeds. Autism, which is quite a passion of Dad’s and mine and Mummy’s because of his Asbeeness is important because Dad supports the fantastic work of ‘service dogs’, and whilst l have never been a companion dog in that class, l have been with Dad through some of his roughest times with his mental health. Animals can have that effect on their 2 leggeds that many simply dismiss and they shouldn’t.

But overall mental health can be improved by having animals in your lives, both medically and scientifically which has been proven now.

The article l was reading made for great reading and was a real booster for further promoting my belief that 2 leggeds need animals, and that we were right to manipulate them the way we should.

Reading through the K9 interviews to date and each and every time we see again and again how we K9s seriously encourage and motivate our 2 leggeds into a healthier being. After all, if they are not healthy how on earth are we to walk them?

I read of Flora the Akita who is able to assist her own 2 legged in making him aware of blackouts that his own doctors couldn’t either explain or diagnose properly! If not for her amazing ability to see within her 2 legged, she may have lost him forever. I also read about Archie who is a trained medical detection dog – such amazing work my fellow K9rs do!


Dora & Dad 2012

It made me think of the work that Dora and l had cut out for us when Dad was really ill or really sad, we were always looking out for him, and making sure he never came to harm. Dora sadly is no longer with us, and her legacy passed over to me fully. I take my responsibility to my 2 leggeds’ very seriously indeed! You will read of the Legacy in another episode entitled ‘Tails of the Unexpected’ that l am planning on releasing next month. It is a little spooky!!

However l have slightly digressed, to the main article!

It is a proven fact now that ‘pets’ – yes that includes other animals in addition to us K9s – are beneficial to our 2 leggeds.

Mental Health

I know about this one very well, because of Dad’s mental health! An action as simple as purely stroking your companions can benefit enormously, or simply having a pet present in your company. Admittedly l have always said this anyway, which is why l insist on being included in everything Whilst l am not ‘dissing’ other pets, K9s essentially provide the 2 legged with valuable ‘me’ time, which can be hard in this K9 eat K9 world of digital technology where everything is just so fast!

Pets can ensure that a sense of wellbeing and mindfulness is introduced to families that suffer from extreme stresses of daily life, it is because our karma is so soothing, and a fact has also been proven for the likes of the introduction of companion K9s to families caring for children that are on the autism spectrum. Service K9s rock!


Social Ambassadorship!

My Dad is always complimenting me [well most of the time anyway!] to anyone who ever asks about me. He says that if not for ever having K9s in his life he may well have ended up as a recluse or a hermit [which in truth l always thought was a crab?] Mummy, of course says at times that Dad is still at times similar to a hermit, but he isn’t not really – l get Dad totally. He simply doesn’t really like people, he doesn’t hate people, but Dad has had a rough time with 2 leggeds and it has made him a little cautious!

But he openly admits that by having K9s with him, and we used to be part of a really big pack, they open doors all the time for him socially. Dad can talk to all sorts of people who have K9s, in truth Dad can talk to all animals who happen to have 2 leggeds with them, then he talks to them!


Me and Dad 2015

But the truth is this, we K9s have a remarkable ability to socialise for our 2 leggeds, and literally open up the doorways of conversation.

Immune System Boost!

I read that stroking a K9 can actually encourage your antibody levels – the strange thing was they said that by only stroking a live K9 would this effect occur – which got me to thinking – why would you want to stroke a dead K9 in your Lounge room on a regular basis?


I have known about this for years and ever since being a pup! When 2 leggeds interact with animals they feel a sense of joyousness, an enthusiasm for energy rekindles within their hearts. So reading that animals can help those with more serious conditions is not new to me or any of the other animal’s l have met – be these K9s, cats, rabbits, rats, mice, chinchillas – the list is endless. Dad used to keep lots of animals, and whenever little 2 leggeds came to visit they were always much happier when they left! The Racoons Damson and Batfink used to really make everyone laugh with their affections.


A much younger Dad with Wolfie as a puppy 2004 [Mm so Dad did used to have hair!!?]

Depression, stress and anxiety are all known to reduce enormously. There are just so many benefits to having animals in your life, there really are. It can reduce the chances of loneliness because animals are truly great listeners! I know that if Dad is stressed, or for that matter Mummy too, l only need to be with them, l can sense their sadness you see, and just by my being there, l can feel when they are feeling happier!


Me & Mummy 2015 Isle of Wight – We are Chic!

Animals can motivate positive vibes in not just the 2 legged but the animal too! We are less demanding on 2 leggeds than many think, and way less demanding on 2 leggeds who find it difficult to socialise and interact with others of their own kind. We offer an unconditional support that sometimes 2 leggeds are simply unable to do, or for that matter have the patience and tolerance for.

I read in this article, that by having animals in your life, your trips to your doctor could also be greatly reduced. I can testify that without a doubt concerning Dad, although in truth he hates the medical profession anyway so that might also play a huge part as well.

But because of the fact that l am with them both, encourage them to exercise, socialise and enjoy nature, l know l have increased their lives exponentially [l know big word!]

So, don’t just take my word for it folks – go out and get yourself some time with animals, or if you already have animals give them a stroke or a treat, in fact talking softly to them whilst giving them a treat is always a winner!

On another side note, l was also very pleased to read the results for the top ten favourite dog breeds in the UK recently!!

Rock on, high paws, waggles and wiggles – ‘Mixed breeds‘ of which l happen to be one came second, with Labradors coming first, what a result that is!

Oh yes!!

For Interested readers the actual line up of success was …

1] Labradors
2] Mixed Breeds
3] Jack Russell
4] Staffordshire Bull Terrier
5] Border Collie
6] Cocker Spaniel
7] Cockapoo
8] German Shepherd
9] Springer Spaniel
10] Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Anyway, l hope you enjoyed reading my first attempt at hard core pawing! But on that note, it is getting late and all this keyboard work makes my claws ache and l am getting a little sleepy, so …

Tootle pip from Doodlepip!!

Last adventure to be reblogged.

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