Extreme Sexuality




Late Night X – Rated Poetry

Disclaimer – this is late night x-rated poetry, it is NOT everyone’s taste.

Between 1993 – 1994 for a short period of time between jobs, l wrote for an Adult magazine and submitted freelance naughty stories and poems. Notably soft porn. Paid good money and kept the roof over my head and kept my bills in credit. I wrote mostly about my own exploits within the night club and rave scene, as well as of the times as an escort in London.


Extreme Sexuality

Seeking adventurous and obscene gratifications,
Pleasurable intensities, damming sexual fornications,
Insatiable yearnings need overtly desiring fetishes,
Violently addictive darkened soul and body caresses,
Mentally stimulating my wildest primitive aroused dreams,
Awakening my inner deviant and diseased inner being!

Extreme sexuality coursing through my veins,
No stopping my lusting, no pulling in the reins,
Heatedly sourcing carnally orientated satisfaction,
Degeneracy aggressively exciting potential interactions,
Electrically charged manhood, soaking at hardcore prospects,
Scented fruit bowls, that demand no morning respects,

Demanding celestial ecstatically coupling,
Rich in colourful vibrating sexual pairing undoubting,
Focused upon achieving sensual delights on high,
Bestiality thrusting, harmonically pulsating cries,
Entwined as one all night longing, adoring musk’s,
Exhausted falling apart, sweated and burnt out husks,

Extreme sexuality is my nights’ obsession cravings,
Damning passions need inflicting, abusive misbehaving’s,
Insane sexual tensions enticing juices into creating,
Flesh is what l need, absolute fruits for tasting,
Sensational forbidding cast aside, seeking fire,
Moistened lips awaiting seductive admirer,
Penetrative temptations, eager to please,
Demon lady looking for extreme sexuality release!

© Rory Matier 1993

4 thoughts on “Extreme Sexuality

  1. I’m trying to juxtapose a naughty boy and John Boy and I just can’t… LMAO!

    With all the warnings I was expecting a lot worse. I understand why they’re there though.

    1. Yes, they not hard core porn, l was never even asked to write that kind of sexuality by the editors, it was more of a tongue in cheek poetry to soft adventure type of stories.

      I think the disclaimers have to be there considering how some readerships can take offence at so very little so very quickly. So with these in place if a reader decides to read , they do so on a voluntary basis, and not because they walked into something unprepared 🙂

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