4 Paws Diary – Ep 30

Episode 30

4 Paws Diary

01st February 2019

It’s Wot Family Does!

Hi Everyone!

Just a small one today, because, well because 1] l can and 2] because there’s not a lot happening in my life currently – l am a prisioner to my two legged parents and their inability to attend my bidding – it’s actually that simple!

They never fail to astonish me. i mean, l am a dog, a K9, canine, pooch, 4 legged furball, there’s not much to miss, you know? I woof, wuff, bark, boof and a few other noises, but basically as a dog, l make dog like noises and because l make dog like noises, it stands to reason l am a dawg! I mean it’s not rocket science as Dad would say is it? I stand 18″ off the ground and l walk on 4 legs as opposed to the feeble two they do. I have got wonky legs as l am getting older and still l manage to keep myself together! I walk them twice a day one each so it’s fair. I love them both exactly the same way but above everything … l tolerate their mm, how do l put this? I have to be direct, l tolerate their impawfections! I do, l happen to think l am a very good dog.

They are restricting my movements, l noticed it l think for the first time maybe about mm, maybe thirty moons ago, yeah, that’s about right, 30 moons 30 darks, that sort of thing.

They take me on shorter walks now, and l think they think l don’t think l know they do this because l am an 18″ four legged furball! it’s frustrating.  Mummy says as l am getting older that my little head is doing the thinking for my legs, which is the silliest thing l have ever heard, and apart from the obvious – l mean hello, my head is not small! it’s pawfectly propawtioned to the rest of my body and when my head was smaller so too was my body, l just had bigger ears!


I was a lot younger when my ears were bigger than my body! That’s all, but my head was the right size for my body! I was a cutie albeit with big ears, but l was a cutie! Everyone said so. Dad never got a look in sideways when l was being complimented – because well he wasn’t cute, l was!

However, something has come to light – l think they forget that as a dog they are my family equally as much as l am part of theirs and because we are family, we are a pack, we are one!

They have recently started to question why l do certain things? One of these things is l refuse point blank to eat alone. If they are not in the room with me, l don’t eat – it’s a pack thing. At dark time Mummy and Dad eat together in the front room, and l am expected to eat in the back room, not on. So l have started to stomp my paws down, and manipulate them so that they worry about me! Yes, l know – it’s wrong, but it’s not – because it’s wot family does, it’s wot pack does and we is pack!

I read a document about it last night on the kompootah! “Why won’t my dog eat without me?” I left it open on dad’s box so he could see it this morning, and he read it, baffled he was as to how it was on his box when he didn’t put it there as well, you see that – well that’s clever manipulation of your two leggeds, sometimes you have to have it staring into their faces!

Dad said he would discuss it with Mummy tonight, but it’s not a huge thing, it’s small in my world – but really important and more so as l am getting older, and l just want to be with my pack mates.

You know?

Now l have just got to figure out a way to stop them telling me off for being a messy eater, l wonder if they might accept pack offering s as an acceptable answer?

Catch you all later.

Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

5 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 30

  1. Zeus says he only eats if someone is in the kitchen with him. He tends to eat too fast though so he gets smaller bits throughout the day. He thinks it’s unfair that he’s on a diet. He doesn’t agree that he’s too chubby.

    1. It’s got to the point now that Scrappy with her pickiness is not just content to have us in the room, but if suze isn’t in the house as in she is at work, Scrappy has been known to hold out till she comes back, but then stuffs her face and throws up, it’s verging on the ridiculous sadly.

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