What do you consider …


What do you consider to be your biggest personal faults when blogging?

We all have them, l know l do – l have made reference to many of them in this series alone …

I could include that l am extremely verbose, l use and have a tendency to use too many words when perhaps less will suffice, but that is part and parcel of my territory – l do try to write simpler, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

This week alone, l made mention to my struggling to balance between my personal blog  writing and commenting on other blogs, but l am working on this.

It was suggested to me some months ago, that l don’t stick to one genre, and l counter answered with, because l love diversity and variety and l couldn’t simply stick to one topic.

More recently someone emailed me and said l share too much of other blogger’s work, and because of this it makes my own blog untidy to other viewers – well, tough , that’s the way l roll, and that is my community spirit side.

Another email suggested that l write too much and post too frequently. Again l had to counter answer with, that’s how l roll. Readers are not coerced by me to read everything l write about. It’s my space, my money paying for my plan and it’s my hobby, so l shall do as l so wish.

Last year someone emailed me and suggested l interact with other bloggers more, and admittedly l was a little baffled because l thought l did, but l have been trying to focus on interaction.

However, not any one single one of us is without faults is my opinion, we learn by error, we trial and we reinvent and trial again, and eventually we find what works for us, so to the question at hand.

What do you consider to be your biggest personal faults when blogging?

Let me know below in the comments section.


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  1. I do make a lot of mistakes. One of them is not leaving myself enough time to read all the blogs that I follow. Then maybe I have started to post too many posts in a day. The experts say that this can result in a writer’s burn out. I hope not but I think I should cut back. Then my writing is a bit repetitive, but I am told that it is okay, because it’s an indication of how I think!

    1. Yes, that’s what l too have read, the way l think is the way l post. Someone threw at me weeks ago, l would burn out. Nope will not happen, way too busy a mind. Plus l am not even currently really truly writing much of my own stuff.

        1. Ironically, it’s about the only place l have an abundance of energy left now Sadje. My brain is moving faster than my ability to write and sadly as this morning proved even think.

  2. A couple times I referenced people negatively (no names) and even though no one knew who the fuck they were, they were reading and got upset. So, now I’m much more careful, to the point where I have to curtail many of my personal type stories to the point of either making them fictional or not writing them at all. So, I think my biggest fault was not starting anonymously and/or not telling people about my blog because most wouldn’t have found it, especially if I hadn’t connected it to FB back in the day when I had an account there. Then I could be more entertaining.

    1. I think that’s the problem with multimedia social accounts though, you can’t always be you and do have to be careful how you can write.

      WP is not connected to anything, and all my accounts are privately closed or groups. I don’t post anywhere except here.

  3. RAH! <– that's me cheering you and cheering you on to do blogging your way 😀

    Every now and then someone asks me if they can email me, usually when they want to share a long personal story with me and get my perspective, and I explain that I don't do email with my blog, if they want to chat with me they have to do it in the comments.

    I sometimes question my decision, do a review and a reassessment, and have considered creating a contact email for the blog, but after reading your post what I thought was – And that's why I don't do email with my blog!

    Once you do that you can't control who will use and how they'll use it, and how it will affect you.

    As friendly as the people who emailed you may be – Would they like it if you told them what you didn't like about their blogging style. And asked them to change it to suit you.

    And the thing is – you don't strike me as the sort of person who would do that. You're very accepting of people/bloggers as they are, which is a wonderful blogging/personal approach to have. You're a very good kind of different, Rory.

    Of course they may have been answering a question you asked, in which cased you asked and they answered.

    That's the only blogging fault I can think of which has been pointed out to me by others on a regular basis.

    As for what I think my blogging faults are… I find they're similar ones to those I have offline too. And blogging has helped me to be more accepting of those 😉

    I used to worry like you do about the whole not interacting enough with others in the blogging community, not reading enough, not LIKE-ing enough, not commenting enough, etc… I got over it. It will drive you mad and make blogging a chore.

    Do what thou wilt.

    1. Hey Ursula,

      Always great to hear from you 🙂

      I am pretty easy going, and l try where l can to take advice on board. I never posed questions to these bloggers who emailed me, they wrote on their own accord. I answer always the same way, polite and courteous and diplomatically if l can, which is usually all the time. I take most things with a pinch of salt unless l have been insulted, the latter is slightly harder to achieve, but it can be done if people attack me personally – no different to many l should imagine.

      The opinions by these others was not read as vindictive by ‘me’, of course there is no guarantee that they were not written that way by them. But l was always told that the worse thing you can do is smile at someone when they are expecting the other side of the coin.

      So l just answer politely. But it doesn’t mean l don’t think further on something that someone has raised, especially if l think it’s a valid point.

      I am happy with the way l roll my blog out, of course l still make mistakes, l am only 17 months into writing in a capacity unlike l have never written before as in actually running and maintaining a busy blog. Because my blog is a busy blog, l have made it busy. This blog is my mind, and l think busy thoughts and have a busy mind, so too will be my blog. So too will be my writing style.

      But l am not a pompous person and one that says “Well l am 17 months in and l know everything!” Because l don’t, when l first started blogging, l learned things new every day, three months in l learned things a couple of times a week, after that followed learning things every week, every two weeks and so on. Today l learn new things to do with blogging every month, and l want that learning process to continue until l stop writing, because none of us know everything there is know about anything. The learning curve is called such because it is the curve of learning, which is a forever thing.

      I make mistakes and l notice them and then l correct them or try something new. I watch how my audience rolls, engages, reacts, interacts, responds and comments and l accordingly change my strategy to reflect that.

      Apparently l am more methodical than some other bloggers, l don’t stand alone in that nor am l alone in running an excel time sheet, it’s how my mind works and l need an orderly approach to things so l do not lose track of what l am doing. I run a lot of series because of my desire to be orderly and methodical. I insert grids into my site pages because again orderly.

      You see, in order for me to have a random abstract mind, l need order, it’s how l roll, and l like it, but the most pleasing thing of all – is that so too do my readership and audience, otherwise they wouldn’t keep on visiting me and reading what l am up to, and that for me is a great joy, a real pleasure, it’s the best thing about blogging for me. That people like what l do enough to want to come back.

      Sure l do have faults, l never deny it, l am one of the first is line to criticise who l am, l will always laugh at me, because if you can’t laugh at yourself then you cannot laugh with others. But l work at my faults as best as l can and to the best of my ability, l think at the end of the day that’s the best all of us actually can do and realise that perfection is never going to be easily attained and ha ha let’s be even more honest!

      Where the fuck is the fun in perfection!

  4. I don’t post regularly. I spend more time spamming up other people’s blogs than writing my own. That’s the only thing I would (maybe) change.
    I’ve not had any complaints or negative comments. Maybe because I have less than 200 followers and the people who DO comment are part of my awesome WP FAMILY.

  5. “What do you consider to be your biggest personal faults when blogging?” Time management. Trying to find a workable balance between writing my posts and reading the posts of the 175 or so other bloggers I follow. Oh, and also finding the time to live, function, and interact in the real world. On a more personal note, I suck at proofreading, so I often have one or two typos in my posts. I do try to proof my posts before hitting “publish,” but sometimes the brain sees what it expects to see and not what the eyes actually see.

    1. Hey Fandango – l hope you are keeping well 🙂

      I know what you mean. My brain types faster than my fingers many a time, and even though l think l have proof read my post, when l hit post and then read it l am constantly cursing the typos and then spend the next twenty minutes editing the live post.

      I must have a brain glitch or something, because even if l deliberately take time out to PR properly, l hit post and still find typos!


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