So Way, No Way, the Yes No game

Sshh, l can’t say what conspiracy theory, and neither can Pensitivity!

But the theory was there, it was, oh it was, it was, it was!


Questions – relatively docile if honest .. from Rory

Been so drunk, just couldn’t walk
Sort of: I fell through the back door (after opening it) and Mum put me to bed. I was 17 and it was the only time I was drunk. Luckily no throwing up or hangover.

Had a near death experience
So Way: Saw my Dad in the shadows when I had my heart scare last year

Talked to yourself in public
So way: all the time

Lied about age in order to fit in to the crowd
No way, well sort of: lied about my age to get a half price bus ticket when I was 13.

Gatecrashed a party
No way.

Sniffed your underwear to see if it’s clean or dirty
NO WAY: if it doubt, washing machine!

Not paid a restaurant bill … deliberately
So Way: Department Christmas Dinner and the service…

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