K9 Adventures [29] – Pawlogging


Mm, must think of ideas for Pawlog

A slightly shorter episode, mostly an update.

What’s a girl to do to get things done around here?

Finally, another episode, l have managed to convince the powers of control, that one was in order. However Dad, has informed me that whilst he is willing to assist where and when he can, l must learn to ‘pad type’ in order to have more freedom over what l write and be a little less reliant upon his secretarial services.

Dad, is writing more with his own blogs and is in the throes of looking for part time work, so this means he has less time to help me – but l know him, he will help if l really need it – but he is right l need to be more of an independent K9r! Mummy has been teaching me on how to ‘pad type’ so this will make things by far and far much easier. It will also mean that l can pawlog when l need to without waiting for help!

I am already paw typing, as l completed with Mummy’s proof reading help the K9 Questionnaire and l recently after two days managed to finish my Blogger Recognition Award nomination post with very few errors, so am very pleased with myself.

Admittedly, l need to work on ensuring my claws don’t get stuck like they did yesterday though. I had to wait for help to come to help me out of G and the U, and the M, C and S! Which was kind of embarrassing?

I have asked Dad if he could get me a keyboard like Tom Hanks [Turner Hooch all-time favourite movie] used in Big, but he says that there is no real call for a board that size as not many dogs run their own blogs to warrant that size board!! Oh the indignation of it all – so here’s a heads up to manufacturers Get It Sorted – there is a wealth of K9 requirements not being met in our society, it’s not always about 2 legged domination you know!

It’s going to be a busy year for me l feel, l have my Chapters to write – which is my autobiography of sorts, as well as keep up with the Adventures themselves and of course ensuring that the K9r interviews run smoothly. Dad talks of blog sustainability and l must research that but principally it means having diversification within my writing so l don’t suffer from K9 Pawing’ block, and or run out things to write about, hence the arrival of both the Chapters and the K9 Interviews. Golly, there is so much to learn!

Dad also says l should think about how much l want to write, how pawlific l would like to be. Considering my last post was on the 15th December and we are now on the 10th January so in essence 26 days, l have said that l would like to be making 2 entries a month. Which he says is probably about right until l decide if l want to do more. But with sustainability, it probably means l can be more active without being more active. So a real win, win. [Providing of course other K9rs want to participate in my questionnaire]
But hey, if this is what is required to progress – then this is what has to be done right?

An update of ‘stuff’ since last time.

I Only Sit For Mummy!

Before bedtime l have a Schmacko, which is split into two pieces and l get one piece from Mummy and another piece from Dad. Furthermore the one piece is split into several pieces so it looks like l am getting more.

Mummy makes me sit to receive my bits from her, whilst Dad is not bothered whether l sit or l stand. Mummy made mention to the fact that Dad never makes me sit, and he said ‘Does it really matter?’ Mummy said it did, as it was manner. Dad continued to look a little bit concerned about it, and then asked me to sit.

Now the truth is, l am not bothered about whether l am sitting, lying down, rolling over or standing up, a Schmacko is a Schmacko is a Schmacko right? But l am watching this to and fro business between my so called logical 2 leggeds just thinking ‘Come on already, there is a Schmacko waiting to be eaten and a pooch needing to be awarded the treat!”

But l did have to stop and ponder the question for a while, l have never specifically sat for Dad, but l always sit for Mummy – did it really matter?

Was it really that important?

Dad asked me to sit, and l just looked at him with my ‘Seriously ‘ stare for several minutes [ok, that’s a lie it was about three seconds, but that’s a long time when a Schmacko is in the equation] and debated whether l should or l shouldn’t? The answer was pretty simple – NO, l only sit for Mummy and so to resolve this rather silly debacle, promptly just snatched the Schmacko from him – riddle solved l think! Mummy is now working on Dad to encourage me to sit to receive my Schmacko – might take some time with him l feel – he can be a little rebellious!

However, how about you? Do you sit to receive your treats, or is a treat just a treat no matter what your position?

My Tin – Apparently Not!


I got an absolutely awesome present for Christmas last year it was a Pedigree treat box filled with – yep you guessed it – Pedigree treats! It came in its own lovely little box and the treats inside are simply divine – HOWEVER – yes in my life there is always at least one However, if not 2, or 10. Mummy is insistent that l only receive one treat a day from it!!!?


I have had to take matters into my own paws, or rather truth be known l had taken matters into my own paws, not any more, as the box has now been moved away from where it once sat! But l decided to grab the treats myself! I could roll the box around on the floor, and then slap a paw on the side and the lid popped off!

Now instead of being told that l am a clever girl for being so imaginative, creative and inventive – all l get is ‘What do you think you are doing young lady?”

Whilst l am flattered that my Mummy who is already in her  mid – fifties thinks that it is complimentary to say l am young, l also happen to be the eldest lady in the house at 78, so l think l have earned the rights to my own treat box! But alas not, for now the box has been moved to higher grounds!

Did you get anything exciting for Christmas last year that you too are not allowed to touch even know it’s yours?

Anyway, l will have to call an end to this episode, as most of it ‘was’ pawed out by me, but l am getting just a tad sleepy, but l promise to be back quicker than last time. Until then, well you know the drill …

Tootle pip from Doodlepip!



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  1. Hi Scrappie, Pepsi here. You got it easy, friend, I only get treats if I’m on my mat – and sitting! So many rules, it’s enough to bark a dog howl.

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