Dear Blog … 14.37 – 31/01/19



I don’t know why that l am still oft astonished at fuckwittery, and yet here l am, still reeling from the afterblows of it.

Today so far, has been a terrible day and delayed my morning completely, l am hoping my afternoon will now recover, and l can get back to some calm.

Thank God for Suze, that woman is an absolute rock to me, she is my Linus Blanket complete. Asperger’s, stress, pressure and depression leaped into my garden today and caused volcanic murmurs and then explosions.

I recognise that some of these atypically have been caused by me, but not all, just by certain authoritarian departments not doing their jobs properly in the first place!

Hey ho, such is life!

Dear Blog ……

2 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 14.37 – 31/01/19

    1. Thanks, l have got to remember to be calmer Sadje, getting worked up and gesticulating with my arms, doesn’t do me or my shoulder any favours, so now l am knackered.

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