What is it about …


What is it about … our community here in WordPress that you like or dislike?

Whilst l have other social community platforms at my disposal and that l am signed up to the likes of  Facebook and Twitter [the latter being Scrappy’s] l don’t use them in a communal way and haven’t done so properly for roughly 17 months – yes folks, since joining the WordPress Community l have become way less community orientated with the aforementioned platforms.

In truth, l wasn’t overly social in the first place, perhaps with the exception of Twitter but l felt obligated to be artificially social there due to the very nature of the application – Twitter is fast, Facebook is slower – but neither particularly felt like home.

Since l started blogging l have at times found myself overwhelmed by the way this community rolls, it’s openess and ability to welcome those new to the fold. The willingness to offer help and support has been astonishing, and as corny as this reads, l feel l had finally found my tribe. Like minded souls who shared my loves for words and fun, creativity and inventiveness, and allowed me to be who l was and not give me a hard time for just being me.

Apart from a few altercations l have never felt like l didn’t belong here, and that if anything it was quite the opposite and for me especially l felt like the bar Cheers …

… and their theme tune  “Where everyone knows your name’.

Of course during my travels l have read both comments and posts where not everyone feels that way, and asUrsula of An Upturned Soul pointed out, there are times when you simply clash personality wise with another blogger/writer – your personalities simply don’t gel.

But those moments are very few and far between and l find that the community here at WP is very forgiving and patient, as well as understanding. So when l say that l regard everyone here as my tribe, l do indeed mean that.

Since being here, l have learned a lot about myself, as well as surprised myself – l am not that social in the real world, because l don’t particularly like people, but l should clarify that a little more – l don’t like society, l happen to like people a great deal as they are so wonderfully fascinating.

I try to be as community orientated as l can, and at times l fail miserably. I am terrible at finding balance between my writing and visiting other blogs and commenting, it’s a flaw, but one that l am working on. I have improved vastly in the last couple of months, although my readers might think l am still somewhat tardy. Of all those that follow me, l have a dedicated readership of around 100 people, l remember Victoria of Ray Not Bradbury writing about the facts and figures of statistics of followers versus readerships and audiences, and that my figure of 100 or 5 – 10% is about right in reference to my overall actual followers figure.

I try to interact and engage with those 100 every month, and it does prove hard, as said yes l am more social here, but l still struggle with sociality as a concept and l always have, so whilst l still might be slower than others, l do assure you l am much better than l was. I do my morning call out to 3 bloggers a day, as a hello to them, to let them know, that l am still thinking of them, but l simply cannot get to all of  them each and every day.

With the games l offer, this too is a way of encouraging interaction from my readership, no different to many blogs who additionally offer prompts, so whilst l don’t offer word prompts l offer puzzles and games. But what l do so love about this community is their patience for allowing me to get better at being better.

I try to be if anything a connector of blogs,  l always try to leave thoughtful comments instead of something horribly generic, l never like a post unless l have read it, as that just seems terribly wrong, l respond to my commenters as best as l can, l share or Blog Nod as Ursula calls it as much work from other writers as l am able, and above everything l try and offer out as much diversity to the readership as l can, so all in, l try to do my uttermost to be community minded. But l do have failings and flaws, but don’t we all?

But tha’s me, how about you?

What do you like or dislike about the community here in WordPress?

Are there things that simply don’t gel with you? Are there things perhaps you simply don’t like about community anyway, and you find that here those dislikes are present.

What are your expectations of a community in the first place, if you have any?

Are you community orientated, or do you prefer more of a secluded environment with a much smaller circle?

What advice perhaps would you award another who was looking to build up a rapport with their own audience and readership that make up their own community?

Let me know below in the comments section.


25 thoughts on “What is it about …

  1. I have to say rory, I like everything about this community, there simply is nothing I dont like. I love blogging. It has taught me so much about myself, and the people on wp are amazing, I could never quit blogging. xxx

  2. Great post, Rory 🙂 and thank you for the blog nod 😉

    I think you’re a wonderful blogging neighbour. Your energy and enthusiasm are phenomenal. We’re all lucky to have you here. You really do a lot for the community spirit, bringing people together, getting them to play with each other.

    I’m in the slightly grumpy old blogger phase of blogging, so I’m okay with how things are on WordPress as is even if I occasionally may grumble about something or someone. I write what I write. I read what I read. I comment when I comment.

    I’m less secluded than I was a while ago, and have been joining in more with community activities.

    I kind of like doing my own thing, and joining in every now and then. That’s what I do offline too.

    My blog tends to get more traffic/views from outside of WordPress than from inside the community. A lot of the interacting I’ve done has been with non-bloggers or non WP bloggers. In many ways I’ve interacted more with people outside of the community than those within it.

    I keep that in mind when I blog. I also keep in mind how I surfed the net, what I looked for and read on blogs, before I started a blog. For non-bloggers posts about blogging isn’t relevant. Blogging prompts and challenges aren’t really all that interesting to non-bloggers.

    I have no idea how someone deliberately goes about building a rapport or readership, for me it just happened, evolved out of what I was doing for myself. I shared what interested me and others who were interested in it found it and shared it with others.

    1. Hey Ursula , never a problem, l do so as l said love the word Blog Nod, the other day l was listening to some music for a post, and found myself reading a post at the same time and nodding to both the music and what was written and was reminded once again of the term, and thought ‘Oh great now l am doing the actual Blog Nodding Dance!!”

      Once again, a great response, all valueable to my ‘research ‘ into the , well who knows 🙂

      Seriously insightful, and exactly the quality l am looking for so thank you oh wise veteran 🙂

  3. I love the WP community! It’s infinitely better than FB or Twitter as a whole. I never get into big fights with people here, haven’t found anyone hateful or horrible, no one is stalking me, etc. All those things happened on FB. Twitter is full of disgusting antisemites. Not everyone likes me here or follows me back, which is fine, but that’s far different from being actually nasty. The great bunch of people along with their writing is why I’ve been spending more time here lately.

  4. I agree with you. I too have been trying to take a step back from social media but it’s hard as a blogger because you need to promote your blog. However, I’m liking WordPress even though sometimes I feel that I’m not getting enough exposure with my writing. It might have something to do with the fact that I used Bluehost which uses WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com. Not sure, but that’s my conspiracy theory. I like the community of bloggers and perhaps it will get better as I go along. I just started blogging in October. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Hey Carolyn, thanks for commenting here on today’s question.

      I do understand the need to highlight/promote and market your content and the desire for exposure only too well – there are many ways around this. Of course all the bigger bloggers continually inform us that we simply ‘must’ be on all social media platforms for greater exposure and l can understand that very well. I do however think that with WP being the size it is, that sometimes the best exposure comes from within the ‘community’ itself, we never know who is looking at our words and works.

      I read all the ‘how to’ posts and just thought, no, l will self -promote my way, my style and take a back seat. Sometimes it takes a little time to figure out and configure the true direction you wish to point yourself in.

      When l was using a multitude of social platforms, l just found the whole process hugely overwhelming, so decided to simply stick with just one medium and that’s what l do, and always tell myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

    2. Something l have just noticed Carolyn – is that there is no way for anyone to comment on what you write? This would help you especially as writers like to be able to comment on what another writer pens? 🙂

      1. I went in and saw that if you click on the photo link it just shows the story without the comment section. If you click on the visit icon then the comment section shows up. I’m still going to see if this can be fixed. Thanks for letting me know because I had no idea.

  5. You are doing a great job in gelling the blogging community. Yours are the posts which I look for when I log in . The challenges, games and questions all are inviting us to interact with each other. I have written a post about my views on blogging. It is scheduled to post in a few hours.

  6. I love WordPress and my blog-family! I’m so focused on Ben and my own health that I’ve neglected friendships IRK to the point where I don’t really have friends. It’s a matter of priorities with me. All my friends/family are in WP and I cherish them all!!

  7. Like you, which I would NEVER have guessed, I’m not terribly social IN REAL LIFE. I don’t like people much actually and I rarely seek others out to socialize with. There are 3-5 real life people (outside of church, which is a whole ‘nother thing besides socialization) that I interact with at all. Then I HAVE to interact with doctors and such, but mostly? I’m solitary by choice.

    Now in the WordPress “world”, it’s different. The people I interact with HERE are better friends (for lack of a better term) than most in my real world. I value the opinions and viewpoints offered, I have fun with the challenges and games offered, I find the questions asked interesting and thought provoking.

    I’ve been blogging for over twelve years now (at one site or another), and I don’t consider myself an expert by a long chalk. And I’m a bit odd compared to other long term bloggers I’ve observed. Some are really hung up on stats, I don’t care about them for example.

    The blog that is insightful and more often humorous than not, is one I’ll follow. I like reading about others’ experiences in their cultures. I have a small group of people who are chronically ill, like me, or who deal with mental health challenges, and I get great support and ideas from reading those folks’ blogs which are often not humorous at all.

    Our community here is great. But I think that’s due to the collective hard work each member puts into what they write.

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