What is it about……. My take

Sadje shares with us her views on the WPCommunity.

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Rory AKA, Bloke has asked;

What is it about … our community here in WordPress that you like or dislike?

There is nothing to dislike in the WordPress community.

The blogs I follow are amazing. They provide support, entertainment, life lessons, beautiful poetry and wonderful advice. This community has become like a family to me.

When I started to blog, there was just one blog that I followed, that of Dr Tanya of Salted Caramel. She gave me the links of a few blogs that she was following and that’s how I started my journey of discovery in this world. As I started to write and interact with other bloggers, I grew in confidence. My writing improved with time and practice. My ability to interact with others grew with the increased confidence. Basically a shy person in real life, I have overcome this instinct in blogging world and am now…

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