One Night Stand – Clubbing Style




Late Night X – Rated Poetry

Disclaimer – this is late night x-rated poetry, it is NOT everyone’s taste.

Between 1993 – 1994 for a short period of time between jobs, l wrote for an Adult magazine and submitted freelance naughty stories and poems. Notably soft porn. Paid good money and kept the roof over my head and kept my bills in credit. I wrote mostly about my own exploits within the night club and rave scene, as well as of the times as an escort in London.


One Night Stand – Clubbing Style

Sexy dancers writhing in ecstasy upon the floors,
Caught up within the musically drawing scores,
Luridly displaying medieval exposing attires,
Aggressively magically creating heated fires,
Catching desired and frenzied sultry glances,
From drinkers contemplating relaxed advances,
Praying that that ‘catchy’ chat up line,
Sufficient enough to tingle the receivers’ spine,

Allowing perhaps the possibility of lustful adventures!
Nervous disposition for those sexual entrepreneurs,
Chatting has inspired a look of aroused interest,
Smiles, eyes ablaze, focused upon sheer molest!
Seductively she moulds herself around my frame,
Pushed towards a darkened corner, ‘no names!’
She whispers into my ear, and starts to grope,
Damnations! ‘Here we go’ just as hoped!

Hands running over each other’s’ clothing,
Salted kissing , tongues entwined, demanding,
Slamming into the far wall, and out the side door,
Thrusting against me like an experienced whore!
Hands rising up thighs, beneath clinging dress,
Nothing to stop nor hinder desirable progress,
Wetness adheres to fingers from vaginal gate,
Moistened lips, calling for me to lubricate!

Pleasurable sensations through throbbing hood,
Kneeling down, tonguing and mouthing my load,
Hands upon bobbing locks, encouraging biorhythm,
Leaning against wall, pulsating drifting in algorithm,
Enough, pulling her up sharply, turning her around,
Dress lifted to waist, hands upon the wall, glowing mound,
Sliding into her velvety silkiness, cupping her breasts,
Dancing in our own harmonic rotations and suggests,

Mesmerising animalistic passions radiating from coupling,
Ecstasy reaching higher plains, as deeper penetrating,
Resulting in primitive hard coring raw climatic elevating,
Moaning, as we each start to achieve ultimate goal,
Intoxicating depravations, as all control is lost as a whole,
Exhausted, limply sighing at weeks tensions, now released!
‘No names’ dressed goes back into club, ,my passions increased
Perhaps time for ‘another quickie’ before closing time at least!

© Rory Matier 1993

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