oh no way..oh so way, number four

Oh so way, l could tell you all of Suze’s answers but where’s the fun in that, go and check them out for yourself and if you are not yet familiar with her writing stay awhile 🙂

suziland too or obsolete childhood

Well, it’s number four to me anyway. I have no clue what number it is to Rory who makes these up and throws them out into the world. I just looked and it is number 5 actually…so I am not as out of it as I thought.

Should you wish to participate in this insanity, go here.

Questions – relatively docile if honest ..

Been so drunk, just couldn’t walk  oh so way. I am a recovering alcoholic and will admit to being so completely wasted that i forgot my name, not just how to walk. One memorable evening (I was told about it later) I “lost my car” in the Mississippi River whilst driving from somewhere to somewhere else……..yes, I was stupid. No, I didn’t hurt anyone (Thanks to God..whoever he/she is). All I truly remember is driving near a bridge and seeing a danged pyramid in Tennessee…….

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