Oh No Way, Oh So Way

If you believe in it, is it a conspiracy theory or is it just a conspiracy?

King Ben's Grandma

My Dude  Rory has a new little questionnaire he calls Oh No Way, Oh So Way. 

Here we go

Been so drunk, just couldn’t walk

Unfortunately that’s a Oh So Way. I was kind of a party girl in high school. I managed to get to class every day and got my work done, but after school… We had an open campus for lunch, so sometimes even at school🙊

Had a near death experience

I have an experience where I should have died. I was prescribed two 3mg Lunesta pills for my insomnia. One time I was taking pills in my sleep. I took almost the entire bottle during a 24 hour period. I didn’t realize what I had done until I woke up. I don’t take Lunesta anymore. Is that a So Way?

Talked to yourself in public

Oh So Way! All. The. Time.

Lied about age in order…

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