K9 Adventures [28] – Grumble Bunny’s Boredom!


The Withering Look!

Grumble Bunny’s Boredom!

Well, where does one start? Twenty days since my last episode, l can only say that my secretary 2 legged is a little tardy in my series, however l am here now or rather ‘ahem, ahuer‘ – we are here! Yes today my wonderful Dad is joining me in my episode.
So without further ado here he is ….

The Grumble Bunny

Doodlepip is much loved l have to be honest and say this first by both myself and her Mummy, however as much as the readership here may like to think butter doesn’t melt in her mouth – l say it does.

She turned 14 on the 30th November 2017 – so fifteen days ago, and even in that briefest of times, she seemingly has developed ‘old lady dog syndrome’ [Otherwise known as OLDS – quite fitting really]- she farts constantly now, and loudly and stinkily and still manages to look aghast at either myself or my partner as if we are to blame – in fact she farts so loudly at times she actually wakes herself up!

If that isn’t enough of a new development, she has taken to huffing and puffing and turning her back on me in l can only guess disgust! When she is not performing that little beauty, another new behaviour is to grumble loudly, and walk away grumbling? So one of her new names is The Grumble Bunny.


[I don’t grumble and l am not a bunny, l am a lady dawg!!]

Now she is right in rebuking me for ‘my tardiness’, l have been a little slack, we have been busy with other things – things that 2 leggeds have to do – you know life things, like ensuring an income comes into the house to pay bills, and making sure ones’ little precious has the right food, vets bills for smelly scent glands, treats and oh yes, keeping the roof over her head! However, come the new year, l, we will be working on her book where upon we will all travel back in time to her puppyhood to see how she came to be this absolutely stunning little girl that she is.

So, by 2018, Chapters as it will be called will be making its first entry, and of course there still will be the occasional adventure to keep the little one happy.

We will be introducing soon one of her new features that she wanted – which is to interview 4 leggeds and their 2 legged parents and she has got quite a list of hopefuls already.

Principally the Grumble Bunny suffers from l think SAD like her Mummy – Seasonal Affective Disorder and if she doesn’t, then she is acting like she does. She doesn’t like the winter months, her adventures and days out become fewer, poor weather for an aging dog is never a happy time, as all the little aches and pains seep out of the pores and of course someone sleeps more.

Someone has become very manipulative during these months and l think a little forgetful as well, which again ties in with OLDS. As much as we adore her, the whole of the waking day doesn’t just run around her and her timetable to her annoyance!

Typical Day In her world – sleep all day, wake for pees, sleep all day again, then wake up ready for walk, whilst ‘we’ have already been waiting for her to wake up for her walking – so the morning walks can be delayed, whilst ‘we’ get on with things only to discover our ‘grumble bunny’ has awoken huffing, puffing, farting and grumbling and is extremely impatient!

However, she is still my very special little girl and always will be, so l will now pass you back to her and take up my secretarial duties.

Thanks for reading.[PS – she has been asleep during the whole time she passed me to you!!]

“Oy Doods, wake up, your adoring fans await you!”
“Whatever Dad!

The Tribute


I had a great day out for my Birthday; we went to Samphire Hoe Country Park, which was really lovely. A small walk along the coast outside Folkestone – the weather could have been a little nicer and a little warmer, and a little less snowy!


Is this snow on my head??


A bit less snowy would’ve been nice Dad!

But it was really nice, and really funny, because Dad found out to his horror that there were cows! [And we all know that tale don’t we pawahahaha!]


“Oh look Dad, your friends are here!”

The 30th November is also a tribute day to Dora dog, who you will read of more next year. Now truth is, l adopted my Dad back in 2004. I found him and made him mine, so he didn’t/doesn’t know my true birthdate – but l was really small, and very young and what he kindly did was award me Dora’s’ birthdate as well, because both she and her Brother Wolfie dog were born on that date in 2003, and Dad figured that l was the same age. Who knows, l might be a little younger or a little older, but when you reach my age which is 78 in k9 years, a few days makes no difference!

Drop It

This seems to be a phrase l am hearing a lot of recently, alongside “Leave it and I’m watching you!!”

It’s all to do with my fondness for a truly lovely little delicacy that my friends the neighbourhood cats leave for me in little hideaways. They don’t bury it like Dad says they should do, and because they don’t how different is it to Mrs Fox’s scat? It’s just yummy, it’s like the sweet smelling things that Mummy and Dad eat that currently smell of mint, so where’s the harm l ask myself and yet – they don’t hear me say ‘drop it, leave it, that’s not for you‘ or that that l am watching them!

Sometimes there is no privacy in my life anymore.

They say that it makes my farting smell worse and l say ‘How dare you, l am the one who is being disturbed during my sleep because you pair do it so loudly!

“Love Is …
… being fed by hand the wettest, stickiest and smelliest food!”

Sometimes, just to make them show how much they love me, truly love me, l refuse to eat my dinner or breakfast. So Mummy tries to encourage me by hand feeding me, and l take it, because l am their precious little one! Therefore Mummy loves me!

BUT DAD! He doesn’t, he says l am manipulating their emotions by refusing to eat!

Therefore, Dad cannot love me! He says he does, but l don’t know! All he wants is for me to pose for even more of his clickitty’s! So, l tend to play up when he is trying to capture my profile as he terms it, and this leads me to the next part!

He should try taking clickitty’s of Mummy’s face when she feeds me by hand, they are so funny, her nose turns up, and she sometimes looks a little greener especially with my favourite Salmon – oh it’s just so nice to be hand fed and loved!

Behind The Scenes!

When his clickitty’s go wrong, Dad normally throws them out, but l have made him keep a couple back, to show other dawgs how to really act when your ‘profile is being taken’.


Oops sorry Dad, didn’t see you there!


Mm, pretty sure my toy is here somewhere … what? Oh sorry Dad, didn’t see you there!

Don’t just DO IT, don’t roll over – make them work for it!


After they have chased you around for ages then – Hi Dad – l love you!

Your Dawg, Our Dawg

There seems to be a little confusion who l belong to at times as l constantly hear Mummy say ‘She is your dog so you can clean up the mud she has brought in!” To which point Dad then say ‘No darling, she is our dog and she brought the mud in on your shift!

What mud?” I ask

Tough being a dawg with this pair!

Anyway, enough from me for today, Dad says he is going to try and stick to the original 30 episodes idea before the Chapters start, so l will probably see you for Christmas!!

Take care, and thanks for reading!

Tootle pip from Doodlepip! [And Dad]


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  1. ohmygosh she’s soooo cute!!!! 😍
    My old dawg Hank, he was a grumbler too. Such a grumpy old man. If you laughed too loud, he’d sigh all big and head for the doggie door. Making sure you knew how inconvenient you were for him. But then, he’d stare at us for hours with soft eyes. (He was a stray we rescued, so who knows what his younger days were like, but we gave him a good safe place to finish out his days.) I love old dogs. They’re the best.

    1. Yes they are, they have had their lifetime to develop their true characters and then when they get old , well pretty much like us, they just be themselves 🙂

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