Congratulations …



You have won first prize in a writing competition!

However, your hosts are struggling to think of what would be deemed appropriate as a prize … so the question is quite simple … what would you think suitable as a first prize for a writing competition?

Options in the offering are:


Book Vouchers

………… however your hosts are open to suggestions? So what would you suggest? What do you think would be a good prize for a writer?

40 thoughts on “Congratulations …

        1. No, this was a hypothetical, but it’s interesting to see some answers in the high calibre range, so was curious to see what a lower end range prize might be?

      1. I still write letters, but my hands don’t hold up so well now thanks to arthritis, so printing paper and cartridges……… or maybe a new printer?

  1. I’d say a nice pen & journal but does anyone (beside me) actually use pen & paper anymore?
    Books are always awesome!! Coffee mug, t-shirt…with “Winner of (whatever contest)” printed on it. Cash or Amazon voucher.
    Or, how about that Christmas fruitcake that has been passed around for the past decade…LOL

    1. Well, more people use pens and journals than many might think in truth. Whilst l prefer my desktop, l still have a pen and pad on my desk, and when l am travelling l always have a pen and notepad out. I keep a small ideas journal also.

      Book vouchers l think are always a winner, as indeed are simply vouchers which can be used against something of the winners choice.

      The mugs actually a really good idea as indeed the T shirt 🙂

      Thank you for the input 🙂

  2. Cash is best. But the other ideas offered in your comments are all worthy too! One blogger has special mugs made and offers those. I like pens myself… 😉 🙂

      1. I should think vouchers. Getting “cash” to someone without perhaps having it stolen en route (up here in this town, which is very small, and in most cities, NOBODY with sense sends money through the mail. It’ll get lifted)…and since most of these communities are rather anonymous, sending checks (bad idea too) or the like are hard to figure out how to do. My opinion only.

    1. That’s interesting Fandango, because you’d have to tell the send-ee your real name in order to get the money in the mail. Now Pay-pal is an option I suppose…hmm.

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