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How much … routine and structure do you like your blog to have?

At my own concession, l am a pretty methodical thinker, l like to know where things are in my blog, so l have in the last few months been structuring things in directories within my blog on Site pages, to make it easier and more efficient for me to find things quickly.

I have a planner in Microsoft Excel – nothing fancy – but a time table if you wish of what l am planning to post for the day itself as well as a rough idea for the next two – three days.

I am administratively speaking a very organised person, so l like to have a place for everything. There are things l like to get done and l get pretty peeved with myself if l don’t achieve them. Some might say, that the way l blog isn’t fun. But to me, being orderly is what allows me to have fun.

I don’t tend to respond to many prompts, that’s not saying l don’t do any, but it’s not something l do on a regular basis. I like to have an idea of a few days worth of posts either in a PD status of either in my drafts folder or in the very least written down somewhere so l know.

For me l have to plan everything, but occasionally l fall behind and things that l wanted to do don’t get done and so get done the next day … but that’s me, what about you?

How much … routine and structure do you like your blog to have?

Organised? Random? Planned? Haphazard? What will be, will be?

Let me know below.

25 thoughts on “How Much …

  1. I like planning, and I also have an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all things blog-related. At any given point I usually have 2-3 weeks of posts scheduled ahead of time.

    1. hey Ashley, yes it makes life much easier – here’s something for you … l know you keep an Excel sheet because l read it in one of your posts or comments to me last year, and l thought ‘ooh that’s a great idea!’ it’s because of you that l started one 🙂

  2. We have chatted about this before, I think you are a very orderly and methodical person. I am completely spontaneous. I find if I plan something, it just isn’t as good as if I just do something on the spur of the moment. I admire what you do immensely though.

  3. I have tried to make the site itself navigable and orderly with menus etc.
    But I think with regards to the order I write things – there is not much structure. I do feel a huge need to keep it balanced though. If I write a post about something very emotional or heavy-going, I feel I need a much more light-hearted easier to read post probably the same day, just so readers don’t think they are only going to read sad things on my site. Plus I don’t want other bloggers worrying about me.

  4. I do like to plan ahead, but not as organized as you are. These days I do the prompts in two posts, Teresa’s 3TC in another post and try to post one of my from the heart posts on alternate days.

  5. My entire life is chaos. It’s not because I prefer it that way trust me. King Ben rules and we serve. LOL
    I don’t plan out posts. I don’t even post that often. I might get an idea and work on it a little bit in my head but when it comes to writing, it just comes out however it comes out. I tend to spend more time reading and commenting other’s blogs than writing my own.

  6. Other than for my FOWC With Fandango daily prompts, which I usually plan about a week in advance, everything else is spontaneous. I respond to other bloggers’ prompts, which I often don’t know until the day they’re posted and I also post about events of the day. So I’m more of an impromptu, haphazard blogger than an organized planner.

  7. My “real life” is extremely structured and planned to a ridonkulous degree, so my blogging is very much… not. I read blogs and write/respond as the mood hits me. Sometimes I feel like answering questions; other times I feel like writing a poem or story. Some days it’s mostly about reading other people. That said, I do have a few posts in draft for the Sunday lyric prompts.

    1. Hiya Paula, thanks for the input – so the bloggins is very much a leisurely activity to counter balance against the orhanised routines of the day?

  8. I both like a lot of structure (in editing, how the piece ‘looks’ ((colors and formatting)) and so forth) and I don’t like structure at all (in WHAT I post…the words). So both. 🙂

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