Dear Blog … 16.07 – 28/01/19


Fuckwittery – the sequel!

I am tired, so tired of being treated like l am an imbecile!

I will be glad of many things this time next year l hope. I will be glad – hopefully that my shoulder is fixed, and l don’t have to contend with this daily pain, l will be glad – hopefully that the current levels of stress l suffer from daily will be greatly reduced, l will be ever so glad – hopefully that this bloody estate is sorted and l will be forever glad, frigging hopefully that l don’t have to deal with my Sister for any longer than absolutely necessary!!

I will also be totally glad hopefully that l don’t have to hear more fuckwittery at its very best.

My Father’s content as in Wisdens and Stamps and even the damn records, are hopefully going to auction, but alas l cannot help feel that l am being scuppered by either external parties or my own sister! She thinks me an absolute ass!

Months ago, l carefully and painstakingly wrote up everything to do with my Father’s estate – listed everything in typical Aspergian form – organised, methodical and logically. Everything was taken into consideration. My Sister you may recall was absent because of her grief of my father’s death – okay whatever! Each to their own falsehoods.

But she blatantly ignored everything on the grounds that her Brother was an imbecile. Come the new year as in just over three weeks ago, she suddenly sprung into life when she realised that Mr Money Bags was no longer at her disposal and she suddenly found herself having to spend her money on living in real life and not be reliant upon a Sugar Daddy to save the day!

Everything l had done was pushed to one side and it had to be Dad’s way, oops my bad Mini-Dads way!

To ease my stress l have tried where possible to take on the role of Mr Bloody Subservient – okay let the ‘wise one’ get on with it! The problem with that is when she asks me for advice and l give it, if it doesn’t work in her favour she tries to work it her way and then when it goes wrong, she doesn’t blame herself, or try the way l have suggested which will work, but she will suddenly attack me like she did this afternoon!

I told her to take the books, stamps and records into the auction house herself as our father’s daughter and therefore if needs be have a death certificate with her to verify everything to have the content valued. I told her very specifically what to do, what not to do, what to look out for and to be wary, because auction houses are still businesses and will look for any way possible to have a heftier commission.

Ok she said ‘Completely understood.’

So why did she then give all the stuff to a friend of hers to take in on her behalf? Furthermore, when her friend was sent away because he isn’t the actual owner of the property, why do l get the blame? I am at best in Kent, perhaps 160 miles away from the auction house itself, therefore l cannot place the content in. She lives in the same county of Sussex as the auctioneers.

I told her to stay with the content so we don’t get hoodwinked on ‘reserve prices’, but her friend has now left the content, after they decided they would take it in, after l telephoned them and lied by saying the fellow was her boyfriend [something she denies, but l think he is]. I told her to tell him to stay with the valuers and accept no less than a minimum of £5k as a minimum reserve for the lot.

Now l hear they have placed a minimum reserve of £2-3k on the whole lot – we have potentially just lost a shit load of money, because of fuckwittery!

And l am the imbecile???

I absolutely give up!

Dear Blog ……

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 16.07 – 28/01/19

    1. If l lived closer l would have Sadje. I could have had this all sewn up by December but you may recall l was called unemotional, and heftily reminded that we were joint executives!

      My Sister is a nightmare.

        1. Yes sadly she is, because she is only thinking of getting the house on the market and not using common sense, with which l am beginning to ask if she has any.

  1. Families suck! Mine does, and so does yours apparently.
    I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with all this BS on top of the ever-present shoulder pain.
    I wish I had more than words and good thoughts to offer.

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