What Makes You …


What Makes You … want to follow another Blogger’s Blog?

Someone asked me the other day, would l follow my own blog? I answered l didn’t need to as it was my blog! They told me to stop being so literal and just answer the question. So l said, yes l would because l like a diversity in my reading, and when l am looking at other writers and creators out there – l am looking for a certain amount of criteria … but of course the beauty is we are all different from the next writer and creator and whilst we will all share a certain universal ‘agenda’ for following another’s work, there will always have to be something significant to making our triggers kick off in the first place …

So two questions ..

1] Would you follow your own blog and if so why?

2]  What do you personally look for when deciding to follow another blogger?

Let me know below.

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  1. I think I would follow me! I follow mostly mental health blogs! but I also follow those who are just, interesting both an interesting person and in their writing. xxx

  2. A blog to follow? Variety, pets (especially dogs!!), interaction, humour, honesty, and posts to make me think.
    As for following my own if I didn’t know it was me, probably as I try for variety, write about Maggie, interact via the comments, attempt humour, try to be honest and WYSIWYG

  3. I’m not fussy about following my followers. If a blog is in English and not offensive (subjective, I know), I’ll follow it back. What makes me follow first or actually read a blogger I follow? Aha, different question! I like personal writing as opposed to informational. I like humor, photos, poetry, flash fiction, and reciprocation. I don’t keep score, but after a while I’ll start to become aware of a blogger who is simply uninterested in my comments and my blog, which diminishes my interest in them. I feel the blogging experience should be somewhat of a shared world in that way. I recently dumped some ppl who were totally uninterested in my writing after I followed them for some time and commented on their posts.

  4. I follow lots of foodie (especially vegetarian) bloggers and travel bloggers because their posts are beautiful and cheer me up.
    Teresa and Kristian and many poetry bloggers I follow because I love their creative productions and they are always a pleasure to chat with.
    The other bloggers I follow are generally due to them being a mix of funny, interesting, and participating in a lot of community blogging stuff – I do like to make sure I do my little but to support the bloggers who are taking the lead in providing prompts and challenges.
    I like bloggers who seem like nice people at the end of the day.

  5. I would follow my blog. It’s like a train wreck reality show. Plus, it’s funny. I crack myself up.

    I usually do a follow two different ways. 1) I read the “about” if someone follows me 2) comments left on other blogs I follow.

    I don’t always follow back, and not always right away. If I follow, I read and try to comment. It’s difficult to keep up sometimes.

  6. I would follow my own blog and be amazed at there being someone out there just like me!
    I like blogs that are authentic, a mix of real life and creativity.
    I’m not a fan of looo-oong posts as my concentration sucks! 😀

  7. I would follow my own blog, because I write how I act, so it would appeal to me.

    I just read a few posts. If they are even the slightest bit interesting to me, Ill follow them.

  8. So two questions ..

    1] Would you follow your own blog and if so why?

    2] What do you personally look for when deciding to follow another blogger?

    I would follow me. I think there’s enough diversity in my blog to interest a wide variety of reader. Which I’ve found, tend to follow me. I usually am interested enough to follow them in return.

    It might be shallow, but I like a blog that’s well edited. Not every word has to be perfect, nor grammar nor punctuation 100% all the time; but the MAJORITY of the time. If there’s consistent, glaring errors, it says to me that the blogger didn’t care to take the time to make sure the post was publish ready, or didn’t want to take the time nor had the time. Whatever the reason for that, if it keeps happening, I’m outta there. Also those who can’t speak (write) without cursing. I’m not a prude, I curse a lot myself, but every single post? Every situation has an f-bomb or something in it? Not my thing.

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